Our Story

Mission: To design and manufacture the finest quality hardscape and masonry products in the industry.

Our Story

Strength and Quality

Strength and Quality

  • Design aficionados at heart, we believe in style with substance making R&D both a core competency and a passionate pursuit. To that end, we build production facilities of the highest caliber and equip them with the latest technology including our own inventions. We ensure the landscape and masonry products we design and produce are functional, durable, and astonishingly beautiful.
  • Dedication to quality is embedded in Techo-Bloc’s partners. Our commitment to educate, motivate, and push the industry forward has earned us a loyal and enthusiastic following amongst staff, contractors, architectural designers, authorized retailers/dealers, and homeowners. It is from the support of this loyal community that we draw our strength.


Our name is your guarantee. Techo-Bloc warranties cover the structural integrity of our products. The value we place on integrity doesn’t end there; honoring our word and our customers has forever been the cornerstone of who we are and what we do.

Creativity and Passion

  • We strive to always be a step ahead in design and technology. Our passion to make the world’s most beautiful, functional, and lasting products fuels our creativity and empowers us to consistently create the most innovative products of the highest value.
  • Strength, Quality, Integrity, Creativity and Passion — By embodying these values, we continue to fulfill our mission and grow our business with the best employees and partners. Our values guide us to lead and inspire  our industry, our creative process, our relationships, and our company whose beauty and innovation is everlasting.
  • From five employees in 1989, we have grown to more than four hundred. Today’s Techo-Bloc Group comprises five production facilities in Canada, three new leading-edge plants in the USA, and six wholesale distribution centers located in: Ontario, Ohio, North Carolina, and Massachusetts. All Techo-Bloc facilities proudly perpetuate our commitment to creativity and excellence.

Our timeline:

Changing the face of the industry
With more than a dozen patents registered, Techo-Bloc has changed the face of the industry with its expertise and excellence in product development. Here is a sample of our ground-breaking achievements:

2013 and beyond

As Techo-Bloc continues to lead and inspire the industry, we invite you to enjoy the quality, beauty, and dependability forged from past years and take part in the excitement and excellence of the years to come. 

Strength, Quality, Integrity, Creativity, and Passion: attributes that define our precious stones and our company.

Strength, Quality, Integrity, Creativity, and Passion: attributes that define our precious stones and our company.

Founded in 1989, a combination of art and science paved the road to Techo-Bloc’s success in creating innovative products unsurpassed for their strength, durability, esthetics, and functionality. These characteristics continue to define our products and our company.


Techo-Bloc enhances its geographic reach and its service to American customers with a new production facility in the USA. For the Canadian market Techo-Bloc launches a new line of polished textures, ideal for modern landscape design, as well as the full-size Foyer fireplace.


Techo-Bloc continues to introduce products that meet market trends. A good example is its amazing Aberdeen line.

A chart-topper, Aberdeen combines the beauty of naturally carved and sculpted stones with the dimensional tolerances of a manufactured product.

Setting new standards in wetcast
Techo-Bloc designs and builds the leading-edge Stonedge II wetcast plant, the first fully automated facility of its kind in the world. Stonedge II is dedicated to replicating natural stone as closely as possible with all the benefits of color and dimensional consistency that only perfectly manufactured stone can offer.

INFLO - the giant leap forward
Techo-Bloc takes yet another giant step forward this year with the introduction of its unique commercial and industrial paver, INFLO. An ecological product, INFLO is a sustainable, long-lasting and resistant paver that will change how we pave commercial, industrial and public properties, thanks to its revolutionary permeable pavement system. Unlike porous pavers, INFLO is a solid paver system that allows water to infiltrate through the joints rather than through its own surface, reducing blockage problems and allowing for easier cleaning. With its tongue-and-groove design, INFLO maintains its interlocking properties over time, even under high-volume and heavy traffic loads.


More and more, people are expressing a desire to integrate natural elements into their outdoor living spaces while taking advantage of the resistance and durability of a manufactured product. Always ready to respond to customer desires, Techo-Bloc introduces Flagstone, Monticello and Portofino.

This innovative and unique paver is a mosaic of carefully sculpted stone.

Monticello’s rich colours are rendered still more dramatic by its distinctive, undulating surface texture. Deeply chiseled edges speak of strength and endurance, accentuating the timeless grandeur of these impressive slabs.


Introduction of four vibrant new colors: Chestnut Brown, Harvest Gold, Autumn Red and Oceana. Techo-Bloc also launches its latest creations: Blu 80mm, Mista and Venetian.

Blu 80mm
The Blu line redefines luxury with its large scale modular pieced system. It sets the bar for scale and style.

Adding to its avant-garde attribute of combining rugged and natural-looking textures onto units of various sizes, Mista’s permeable version allows surface water to percolate through to the ground, returning naturally to its source.

This type of overlay system is ideal for covering old concrete surfaces, adding value and beauty to the landscape.


Once again, Techo-Bloc innovates with a new product line-up, introducing five new products to an already vast selection of pavers and retaining walls. Three new retaining walls make their entrance: Suprema Split Face, Suprema Chiseled and Muro Naturale. The new Maya stepping stone is unveiled along with the elegant and versatile Parisien paver.

Building new corporate headquarters
Techo-Bloc moves into new, modern corporate offices.


Techo-Bloc has always thrived on its ability to anticipate opportunities, take on challenges, and create innovative products for a rapidly changing market. In 2007, Techo-Bloc launches nine new products: BluPermea, Röcka, Villagio, Pillar Mini-Creta 3" and 6"Escala Wall & Escala Cap, and Stonedge Cap 28". These products take the market by storm and will continue to be some of our best-sellers.

New plant in Pennsylvania
In June 2007, our second plant opens in Pen Argyl. This strategic investment increases Techo-Bloc’s manufacturing capacity and expands our customer services capabilities.


Techo-Bloc presents Monumental Blok, a breakthrough in retaining wall technology. Monumental Blok offers a sculpted, handcrafted appearance while providing immense weight-retaining strength with its monumentally large stones and special anchoring system. Monumental Blok provides the ability to build walls up to twelve feet high without the use of geogrid and offers significant savings on installation costs.


Techo-Bloc produces the first rugged, high-relief textured paving stone, Santorini. With its strategically accentuated elevations and impressions, this paver provides a bold, hand-hewn look, enhancing any landscape design.

Stonedge is founded
Stonedge, a wetcast production facility owned by Techo-Bloc, is founded with the goal of replicating natural stone’s appearance, color and texture. Stonedge product lines establish new standards in the landscape industry and will perpetuate this legacy.


Techo-Bloc brings its Canadian innovations to the United States. The world’s most sophisticated and technologically advanced paving stone and retaining wall production plant opens in Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania.


With the introduction of Quarry Stone, Techo-Bloc offers the world its first retaining wall with the look of hand-chiseled, handcrafted stone (Patent #2,392,934).


Techo-Bloc renders the existing method of drum-tumbling obsolete with new technology that prevents product breakage, eliminates the time-consuming sorting of stones and eradicates cement slurry from the pavers’ surfaces. This revolutionary technique results in a product unsurpassed in quality, beauty and durability.


Elena, the first modular paving stone to be offered in a single pallet, is engineered and marketed.


Our Belgik curbstone becomes the first manufactured replica of authentic Belgian block.


The world’s first commercial replica of ancient cobblestone, the Allegro, is introduced (Patent #2,214,295).


Techo-Bloc introduces the world’s first tumbled interlocking retaining-wall system, Creta (Patent #2,114,677). In addition, we create the industry’s first pre-cast antiqued curbstone, Pietra, as well as Tetra paving stone, North America’s first tumbled jumbo-size paving stone.