Play with our palette of coordinating and contrasting hues to inject visual interest and create a customized look that’s right on tone. From grey patio pavers and modern black slabs to pavers inspired by traditional red brick, we have a hue to match your mood.

Creative angle: A seemingly spontaneous layout of two-tone stones turns a sunken seating area into the main draw. The Industria Triangle in Chestnut Brown set against large Beige Cream patio slabs and steps creates just enough contrast to elevate a simple design into a grand focal point to be enjoyed by all.

Industria Triangle HD2 Smooth in Chestnut Brown and Beige Cream



A classic, high contrast diamond pattern points the way to a warm welcome. Our Diamond paver brings a modern touch to landscape design and is one of the most creatively flexible pavers on the market. Available in six alluring colors, statement-making combinations become endless.

Diamond HD2 Smooth in Greyed Nickel and Charcoal


Creative textures trick the eye and add a winning touch to every outdoor space, leading us in bold new directions.

Texture is a brilliant way to add a subtle shakeup to your outdoor floor plan. Laying tone-on-tone but different-textured Diamond pavers in a seemingly random pattern looks at once casual and perfectly polished. Available in both a smooth and granite-like finish, our Diamond paver is an exciting option for modern landscape designs requiring higher slip resistance such as walkways, driveways and patios.

Diamond HD2 Smooth & HD2 Granitex in Beige Cream



The spectacular woven effect created by smaller, rough-hewn Valet pavers amongst elegant Ocean slabs keeps the eye guessing and your guests swooning. Designed with the look and feel of sandy beaches in mind, you’ll find that our Ocean Grande slab is not only a pretty sight, but also a treat for your feet.

Ocean Grande HD2 in Greyed Nickel paired with Valet in Onyx Black


Whatever your stone style, spectacular comes in all shapes and sizes. And who says you have to choose? Bring them all into the picture for a mingling melange that never gets stale.

Big little beauty. Perfectly placed mini pavers turn a simple slab layout into something spectacular. Our Squadra mini-cube paver pairs seamlessly with larger slabs for a contemporary look that makes a large statement.

Para 500x500 HD2 Smooth in Beige Cream paired with Squadra in Onyx Black



What makes this pattern so striking? We did the math and it’s a perfect fit: the large stones are as wide as the small ones are long. Available in three different sizes and colors, Para is a large-scale patio slab with an ultra-smooth finish, providing contemporary styling and design flexibility for your creative needs.

Para 500x750 HD2 Smooth in Greyed Nickel paired with Para 250x500 HD2 Smooth 
in Onyx Black


When it comes to giving shape to your landscaping ideas, stones are just the first step.

Go with the flow. Hard stones in contrasting colors create soft curves that paint a pretty picture. The curved bar follows the circular motion of the concrete patio and flows seamlessly into a comfortable seating area that complements the round fire-pit perfectly.


Squadra in Shale Grey paired with Valet in Onyx Black



Versa-tile. Tiny squares laid out in just the right way deliver a high-end luxe look to your outdoor dining space. Giving a modern twist to a traditional and timeless square pattern, this outdoor flooring design is sure to make a bold statement in your outdoor space. And just when you think that this design couldn’t get better, our European cobblestone-inspired square pavers will have you feeling like you’re on a historical trip – right in the comfort of your backyard.


Squadra in Shale Grey and Onyx Black paired with Valet in Shale Grey and Onyx Black

The Design Playground

Shapes and colors. Scales and proportions. Materials and finishes.
This is where every element comes to play in a perfectly orchestrated game of style mastery.


Discover endless design possibilities in the Mosaic guide

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