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  • pavers Linea pavés DSC 0010
  • Linea Paver Shale Grey
Modern long and thin paver for linear driveway, patio or walkway designs.
  • Linea Paver
  • Linea Paver Shale Grey
Commercial Pavers
Linea Commercial
The ultra-modern Linea paver has varied lengths, adding to its visual interest. Combine both widths to create a sleek, contemporary look or pair it with the Industria collection for any commercial, institutional or industrial projects in harsh climates. This elegant paver meets ASTM requirements and is ADA compliant. ... See More Read Less
  • outdoor steps and stairs Maya Step marches extérieurs 00955 7718
Stone Steps
Massive natural stone-looking stepping stones perfect for building high outdoor stairways on steep t errain. ... See More Read Less
  • patio paver slabs Maya dalle de patio 01038 05 005
  • Maya Stepping Stone Riviera
Patio Slabs
Outdoor stepping stones used for walkway paths available in 3 stone colors.
  • pavers Mista pavés A00420 05 376
  • Mista Square Paver Champlain Grey
Multi-textured, multi-size paver for driveways and patios (permeable paver option)
  • patio paver slabs Ocean Grande dalle de patio DSC3463
  • Ocean Grande Slab HD2 Greyed Nickel
Patio Slabs
Ocean Grande
Large scale patio stone inspired by sandy beaches. Anti slip texture makes it perfect for pool deck s. ... See More Read Less
  • Ocean Grande HD2 Slab
  • Ocean Grande Slab HD2 Greyed Nickel
Commercial Patio Slabs
Ocean Grande Commercial
Inspired by the interactions of the sea and the shore, Ocean Grande is sure to add a sense of refine ment to any large-scale slab project. Pair this slab with the Blu Grande HD2 Smooth slab to generate some subtle contrasts and add visual interest to any upscale project. Exploit its non-slip properties at ground level around pools and other water-related areas.  ... See More Read Less
  • patio paver slabs Para HD² Smooth dalle de patio 01078 2233
  • Para Slab HD2 Smooth Greyed Nickel
Patio Slabs
Para is an extra-large modern concrete patio slabs with a hyper smooth texture for contemporary land scape designs. ... See More Read Less
  • Para HD2 Slab
  • Para Slab HD2 Smooth Greyed Nickel
Commercial Patio Slabs
Para Commercial
Offered in three compatible formats, the Para slab can create a sleek and refined modular pattern or linear motifs where simplicity and subtility is key. Its patented HD2 finish gives it an extremely tight surface texture with virtually invisible pores.  ... See More Read Less
  • pavers Parisien pavés A00324 07  038
  • Parisien Square Rectangle Paver Sandlewood
Parisien - Discontinued
Budget-friendly patio or driveway paving stone with an old world look.
  • garden edging Pietra bordure 00989 02 4845
  • Pietra Edge Shale Grey
Garden Edging Stones
Raw granite-look garden edging stone to border planters, walkways and garden beds.
  • outdoor steps and stairs Raffinato Step marches extérieurs 01079 2579
Stone Steps
Modern concrete steps that don't stain or crack as easily as poured concrete does.
  • Raffinato Step
Commercial Stone Steps
Raffinato Commercial
Bring your creative vision to life with the Raffinato step. Available in our lightest colors for a r educed urban heat island effect, this product will give your urban project a modern look with a strong identity. From creating retaining walls to custom urban seating, the Raffinato step does it all – only limit is your imagination. ... See More Read Less
  • garden edging Raffinato edge Polished bordure 8897
  • Raffinato 90 Edge Polished Greyed Nickel
Garden Edging Stones
Raffinato Polished
Polished concrete edging showcasing fine colored aggregates for added appeal.
  • garden edging Raffinato edge smooth bordure 01015 05 525
  • Raffinato 90 Edge Smooth Greyed Nickel
Garden Edging Stones
Raffinato Smooth
Modern smooth concrete edging for sleek garden beds and driveway borders.
  • garden edging Röcka Edge bordure 00813 1192
  • Rocka Edge Riviera
Garden Edging Stones
Large natural stone imitation borders for garden beds and walkways.
  • outdoor steps and stairs Rocka Step marches extérieurs A00425 05 290
Stone Steps
Build natural-looking outdoor stone stairs with these large pre-cut stone steps.
  • patio paver slabs Travertina Raw HD² dalle de patio 00997 01 2387
  • Travertina Raw Slab HD2 Ivory
Patio Slabs
Travertina Raw
If you love the look of natural travertine but need something more robust, the Travertina Raw wall c ap is for you. Modern and durable, this double-sided concrete wall cap will elevate any landscape design. This coping/cap also boasts our Klean-Bloc technology for added protection against everyday wear and tear. ... See More Read Less
  • Travertina HD2 Slab
  • Travertina Raw Slab HD2 Ivory
Commercial Patio Slabs
Travertina Raw Commercial
Bring luxury to harsh climates with the Travertina Raw slab. The slabs HD2 finish provides it with a n added resistance that is required for extensive pedestrian use. Combine different formats to create a modular motif or opt for a modern look by creating linear patterns.   ... See More Read Less
  • garden edging Tundra bordureA00423 05 152
  • Tundra Edge Champlain Grey
Tundra - Discontinued
Driveway edging stone with a tire-stopping shape.
  • patio paver slabs Venetian Slate dalle de patio00983 01 6656
Stone Steps
Venetian Slate
Cover existing outdoor concrete stairs with these beautiful slate overlay patio stones.
  • patio paver slabs Venetian Smooth dalle de patio 01000 01 3041
Stone Steps
Venetian Smooth
Cover existing outdoor concrete stairs with these modern smooth overlay patio tiles.
  • cobblestone paver Villagio pavés A00436 9557
  • Villagio Paver Onyx Black
Best-selling rustic cobblestone driveway and patio paver (permeable capabilities).
Lean and linear looks for ever-lasting urban designs.