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  • pavers Blu 80 Polished pavés 00904
  • Blu Random Polished Greyed Nickel
Blu 80 Polished
Polished multi-piece modular driveway paver available in many colors.
  • pavers Blu 80 Slate pavés A00427 05 201
  • Blu Random Overlay Slate Champlain Grey
Blu 80 Slate
Best-selling driveway paver with a natural slate stone look. Available in multiple modular sizes & c olors. ... See More Read Less
  • pavers Industria Polished Pavers pavés 01079 2466
  • Industria 200 Paver Polished Greyed Nickel
Industria Polished
Multi-piece interlocking paver with a polished finish to expose the aggregates within for added visu al appeal. ... See More Read Less
  • permeable cobblestone paver Pure pavés perméables A00416 05 212 HDR
  • Pure Paver Champlain Grey
Permeable large cobblestone paver. Perfect for driveways and backyards.
  • pavers Industria Granitex Paver pavés 12
Industria Granitex
Multi-piece interlocking paver with a rough slip-resistant texture for modern public works & residen tial designs. ... See More Read Less
  • pavers Antika pavés A00400 01 1118 Blend
  • Antika Sandlewood
A best-seller, Antika is a round-shaped cobblestone paver for driveway and patio use (permeable capa bilities). ... See More Read Less
  • grass pavers Aquastorm pavés alvéolé perméable F DSC3700
  • Aquastorm Grey
Grass paver for permeable driveway or patio applications.
  • Squadra Paver
  • Squadra Paver Chestnut Brown
Small 3x3 square cobblestone driveway and patio paver with an aged finish. Squadra is the perfect pa ver for creating mosaics at ground level. ... See More Read Less
  • pavers Victorien pavés A00428 05 088
  • Victorien Permeable Paver Shale Grey
Traditional 4x8 driveway or patio for a classic brick road (permeable capabilities).
Diamond Smooth
Diamond-shaped paving stone with HD² smooth texture for modern public or residential landscape desig n. ... See More Read Less
  • pavers Blu 80 Smooth pavés 01009 01 0127
  • Blu Random Overlay Smooth Shale Grey
Blu 80 Smooth
Smooth multi-piece modular driveway paver available in many colors.
  • patio paver slabs Eva dalle de patio A00422 05 002
  • Eva Paver Champlain Grey
Slate textured budget-friendly driveway or patio paver.
  • pavers Sleek pavés 01077 1319
  • Sleek Paver HD2 Greyed Nickel
Sleek is an ultra-modern large-scale and hyper smooth paver (HD²) perfect for modern and seamless dr iveway designs. ... See More Read Less
  • Industria Triangle Smooth Paver
Industria Triangle Smooth
Triangle-shaped paver with a smooth texture for modern landscape designs for residential and public use. ... See More Read Less
  • pavers Travertina Paver pavés DSC3864
  • Travertina Raw Paver HD2 Ivory
Travertina Raw
Brick-style paver with a travertine texture also available in permeable
  • garden edging Raffinato edge smooth bordure 01015 05 525
  • Raffinato 90 Edge Smooth Greyed Nickel
Garden Edging Stones
Raffinato Smooth
Modern smooth concrete edging for sleek garden beds and driveway borders.
  • garden edging Tundra bordureA00423 05 152
  • Tundra Edge Champlain Grey
Garden Edging Stones
Driveway edging stone with a tire-stopping shape.
  • garden edging Avignon bordure A00391 0473
  • Avignon Edge Shale Grey
Garden Edging Stones
Traditional slate-textured landscape edging for gardens & mulch beds.
  • garden edging Belgik bordure 00855 2955
Discontinued Products
Belgik - Discontinued
Rustic edging stone to border garden & mulch beds.
  • Antika Paver
  • Antika Sandlewood
Commercial Pavers
Antika Commercial
Antika’s rustic style and irregular shape makes it adaptable to narrow spaces, while meeting ASTM re quirements. This small paver’s playfulness, organic look, and permeable capabilities make it one of our favorites when it comes to playgrounds, water-play areas, and nature-oriented projects. ... See More Read Less
  • Blu 80 Polished Paver
  • Blu Random Polished Greyed Nickel
Commercial Pavers
Blu 80 Polished Commercial
The luxurious Blu 80’s polished texture makes it suited for modern and traditional projects. Create a ultra-modern space by keeping linear patterns or use a modular pattern for an ornate feel. This paver is ADA compliant and vehicle friendly. This attractive paver has high density joints, allowing water to flow into the permeable foundation. ... See More Read Less
  • Blu 80 Smooth Paver
  • Blu Random Overlay Smooth Shale Grey
Commercial Pavers
Blu 80 Smooth Commercial
Blu 80 Smooth is suited for heavily used for pedestrian areas and light vehicular traffic. Available in three formats, combine them together to create linear or modular patterns that will highlight any contemporary outdoor space. This paver is ADA compliant and is a durable solution for any urban commercial hardscape project. ... See More Read Less
  • Diamond Smooth HD2 Paver
Commercial Pavers
Diamond Smooth Commercial
The Diamond’s multiple layout possibilities make it one of the most aesthetically versatile pavers. This durable paver will stand the test of time. Create eye-catching motifs with different colors or keep it simple by combining the same color. ... See More Read Less
  • Hexa 100 HD2+ Paver
Commercial Pavers
Hexa 100 Commercial
Hexa’s modern geometric paver is ideal for small and large spaces. Use its broad color pallet to cre ate a high-contrast motif or structure the hexagonal paver into more straightforward symmetrical mosaics. Hexa’s HD2+ finish makes it a durable option for any commercial project. ... See More Read Less