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Pool Coping & Wall Caps
Pacific is our new overlay system that is an easy and cost-effective solution to upgrade any exterio r space. Grace your pool sides with this smooth and modern product. ... See More Read Less
  • patio paver slabs Blu 45 Smooth dalle de patio 01039 05 010
Stone Steps
Blu 45 Smooth
Cover existing outdoor concrete porches, balconies and step landings with this modern patio tile ove rlay. ... See More Read Less
  • outdoor steps and stairs York Step marches extérieurs A00385 7994
Stone Steps
Smooth surfaced,rough carved edged multiuse concrete step perfect for outdoor stairs.
  • outdoor steps and stairs Raffinato Step marches extérieurs 01079 2579
Stone Steps
Modern concrete steps that don't stain or crack as easily as poured concrete does.
  • pool coping Bullnose Smooth couronnement de piscine 01011 05 137
  • Bullnose Cap Champlain Grey
Pool Coping & Wall Caps
Traditional 12x5 round edged concrete pool coping and wall cap.
  • wall caps Architectural Cap couronnement A00430 05 159
  • Architectural Cap Champlain Grey
Pool Coping & Wall Caps
Rustic double-sided concrete wall cap & step tread.
  • pool coping Portofino couronnement de piscine 01010 01 0066
  • Portofino Onyx Black
Pool Coping & Wall Caps
Natural stone look concrete wall cap, step tread and pool coping.
  • wall caps Graphix Cap couronnement 01079 2366
  • Graphix Cap Greyed Nickel
Pool Coping & Wall Caps
Modern step treads or concrete wall cap with a smooth or split face side.
  • modern wall caps and pool coping Raffinato Cap couronnement et contour de piscine moderne01037 05 103
  • Raffinato Cap 14x28 Greyed Nickel
Pool Coping & Wall Caps
Raffinato Smooth
Modern concrete wall cap & pool coping available in 2 heights.
  • outdoor firepit Prescott Fire Pit foyer extérieurt
Fire Pits and Burners
Stacked-stone covered backyard fire pit. Wood-burning, natural gas or propane compatible with steel insert. ... See More Read Less
  • garden edging Pietra bordure 00989 02 4845
  • Pietra Edge Shale Grey
Garden Edging Stones
Raw granite-look garden edging stone to border planters, walkways and garden beds.
  • garden edging Brandon Edge bordure 01037 05 158
  • Brandon Edge Shale Grey
Garden Edging Stones
Brick edging stone made of salt-resistant concrete.
  • garden edging Röcka Edge bordure 00813 1192
  • Rocka Edge Riviera
Garden Edging Stones
Large natural stone imitation borders for garden beds and walkways.
  • garden edging Raffinato edge Polished bordure 8897
  • Raffinato 90 Edge Polished Greyed Nickel
Garden Edging Stones
Raffinato Polished
Polished concrete edging showcasing fine colored aggregates for added appeal.
  • retaining wall blocks Skyscraper muret DSC3511
Garden & Retaining Walls
Large-scale modern concrete retaining wall blocks for large commercial installations & public works. ... See More Read Less
  • Semma Wall Shale Grey
Garden & Retaining Walls
A 6x16 double-sided concrete retaining wall. Tremendous sheer strength and a great solution for rais ed patios. ... See More Read Less
  • retaining wall blocks G Force Smooth muret A00439 05 213
  • G Force Wall Shale Grey
Garden & Retaining Walls
Budget-friendly, light-weight modern-looking concrete retaining wall black that lets you build high. ... See More Read Less
  • wall caps York Cap couronnement 00899 9394 blend
  • York Cap Riviera
Pool Coping & Wall Caps
Natural stone imitation pool coping and wall cap with a smooth top and carved edge. Featuring our Kl ean-Bloc technology for added protection against everyday wear and tear. ... See More Read Less
  • wall caps Travertina Cap couronnement 01062 05 205
  • Travertina Raw Cap Ivory
Pool Coping & Wall Caps
Travertina Raw
Modern durable travertine style double-sided concrete wall cap.
Garden & Retaining Walls
Perfect for contemporary design lovers who also love the look of natural stacked stone.
  • retaining wall blocks Brandon muret 01070 0833
  • Brandon Wall Shale Grey
Garden & Retaining Walls
Rustic double-sided, dry-stacked stone appeal retaining wall.
  • retaining wall blocks Raffinato Wall Polished muret 01052 09 52
  • Raffinato Wall Polished Greyed Nickel
Garden & Retaining Walls
Raffinato Polished
Our Raffinato retaining wall offers a granite look thanks to its exposed aggregates within the stone and is perfect for modern landscape designs. ... See More Read Less
Perfect for contemporary design lovers who also love the look of natural stacked stone.
  • pavers Mista pavés A00420 05 376
  • Mista Square Paver Champlain Grey
Multi-textured, multi-size paver for driveways and patios (permeable paver option)