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  • Blu Grande Slate Slab
  • Blu Grande Slab Slate Champlain Grey
Commercial Patio Slabs
Blu Grande Slate Commercial
The Blu Grande Slate slab has a natural stone texture. Its large size makes it a great pedestal or r ooftop patio slab, while its natural stone texture gives it an anti-slip advantage around pools and water areas. Blend this product with the Blu Grande Smooth slab to make a charismatic hardscape or keep alone to create a traditional feel.  ... See More Read Less
  • patio paver slabs Blu Grande Smooth dalle de patio 00993 01 1681
  • Blu Grande Slab Smooth Greyed Nickel
Patio Slabs
Blu Grande Smooth
Large concrete patio stone in a smooth texture for modern landscape designs.
  • Blu Grande Smooth Slab
  • Blu Grande Slab Smooth Greyed Nickel
Commercial Patio Slabs
Blu Grande Smooth Commercial
The sleek and contemporary Blu Grande Smooth slab has fewer joints per surface area, making it well- suited for pedestal and rooftop applications. Install it in a linear pattern or create modular patterns by combining other Blu formats.   ... See More Read Less
  • brique et erre Brandon Brick brick and stone 01057 05 106
Masonry, Bricks
Highly-textured slate-look masonry brick. Available only in Canada.
  • pierre de maconnerie Brandon Stone masonry stone veneer 01052 09 shower B 17 v1
Masonry, Stones
Multi-piece rustic masonry stone or brick for multi-functional designs. Only available in Canada.
  • pool coping Bullnose Smooth couronnement de piscine 01011 05 137
  • Bullnose Cap Champlain Grey
Pool Coping & Wall Caps
Traditional 12x5 round edged concrete pool coping and wall cap.
  • pool coping Bullnose Grande couronnement de piscine 01052 09 Q 010
  • Bullnose Grande Cap Greyed Nickel
Pool Coping & Wall Caps
Bullnose Grande
Traditional 14x29 round edged pool coping & retaining wall cap.
Diamond Granitex
Diamond-shape concrete paver with a rough slip-resistant texture for modern driveway, patio or walkw ay designs. ... See More Read Less
  • Diamond Granitex HD2 Paver
Commercial Pavers
Diamond Granitex Commercial
The modern Diamond paver is easily scalable to the size of your project. Mix the two contrasting tex tures in the same color to create a refined subtle look or experiment with different layout patterns and color schemes to create eye-catching designs. ... See More Read Less
Diamond Smooth
Diamond-shaped paving stone with HD² smooth texture for modern public or residential landscape desig n. ... See More Read Less
  • Diamond Smooth HD2 Paver
Commercial Pavers
Diamond Smooth Commercial
The Diamond’s multiple layout possibilities make it one of the most aesthetically versatile pavers. This durable paver will stand the test of time. Create eye-catching motifs with different colors or keep it simple by combining the same color. ... See More Read Less
  • patio paver slabs Dunes dalle de patio DSC3592
  • Dunes Slab HD2 Riviera
Dunes - Discontinued
Large 11x23 patio tiles inpsired by sand dunes for incomparable texture.Available in 3 colors.
  • Everest Slab
Patio Slabs
We’ve created a game changing slab that will have you convinced it’s real stone. Everest is the perf ect slab for contemporary design lovers. Boasting our HD2+ technology, this slab benefits from a factory seal for added stain resistance, vibrant color and a reduced absorption rate. ... See More Read Less
  • Everest HD2+ Slab
Commercial Patio Slabs
Everest Commercial
The avant-garde Everest patio slab is at home in both contemporary and traditional aesthetic environ ments. Pair this unique slab with the Para HD2 smooth slab to create showstopping designs. This product is a durable solution for any commercial, institutional or industrial pedestrian area.  ... See More Read Less
  • outdoor pizza oven Forno four à pizza extérieur 01015 05 449
Outdoor Kitchens
Stainless steel state-of-the-art italian-made outdoor pizza oven appliance.
  • retaining wall blocks G Force Smooth muret A00439 05 213
  • G Force Wall Shale Grey
Garden & Retaining Walls
Budget-friendly, light-weight modern-looking concrete retaining wall black that lets you build high. ... See More Read Less
  • G-Force Wall
  • G Force Wall Shale Grey
Commercial Garden & Retaining Walls
G-Force Commercial
G-Force is an inclined wall system, with each row of blocks providing a slight setback from the prev ious row for increased stability. Its large blocks can be built into pillars and straight or curved walls. This gravity retaining wall system has a hallow core, making it lightweight and easy to install while boasting a discrete modern look. ... See More Read Less
  • retaining wall blocks Graphix muret 01079 2366
  • Graphix Wall Greyed Nickel
Garden & Retaining Walls
Ultra-modern retaining wall with a double-sided texture to build outdoor bars, fountains and free-st anding walls. ... See More Read Less
  • wall caps Graphix Cap couronnement 01079 2366
  • Graphix Cap Greyed Nickel
Pool Coping & Wall Caps
Modern step treads or concrete wall cap with a smooth or split face side.
  • Graphix Wall
  • Graphix Wall Greyed Nickel
Commercial Garden & Retaining Walls
Graphix Commercial
The Graphix gravity wall system can be built as a freestanding or retaining wall in both vertical an d inclined configurations. This ultra-modern retaining wall block is visually complex as it is offered in a variety of widths, while remaining tasteful and easy to install. ... See More Read Less
  • brique moderne Griffintown Smooth brick modern 01029 05 101 edit2
Masonry, Bricks
Contemporary linear and smooth masonry brick. Available only in Canada
Hexa 100
Hexagonal-shaped paving stone for modern commercial or residential landscape design.
  • Hexa 100 HD2+ Paver
Commercial Pavers
Hexa 100 Commercial
Hexa’s modern geometric paver is ideal for small and large spaces. Use its broad color pallet to cre ate a high-contrast motif or structure the hexagonal paver into more straightforward symmetrical mosaics. Hexa’s HD2+ finish makes it a durable option for any commercial project. ... See More Read Less
Hexa 60
Hexagon slab that gives a geometric and modern look to your landscape designs.