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  • Raffinato Smooth Wall
  • Raffinato Wall Smooth Greyed Nickel
Commercial Garden & Retaining Walls
Raffinato Smooth Commercial
Techo-Bloc’s most aesthetically versatile segmental retaining wall system creates a cohesive look fo r your commercial patio or plaza. The Raffinato Smooth Wall blocks are double-sided, making them appropriate for both freestanding blade walls and retaining gravity walls. From forming modular motifs, to using just one format for a linear, running-bond pattern, this retaining wall can create any pattern you can imagine! ... See More Read Less
  • Raffinato Smooth Cap
  • Raffinato Cap 14x28 Greyed Nickel
Commercial Pool Coping & Wall Caps
Raffinato Smooth Commercial
Offered as a wall cap and slab, the Raffinato wall cap is a prime candidate for pedestal and rooftop applications. This product’s broad color palette gives it the ability to blend into any commercial project’s style, whether more traditional or modern. ... See More Read Less
Garden & Retaining Walls
Create your natural backyard oasis with the chiseled texture of the Rosemont Wall.
  • retaining wall blocks Skyscraper muret DSC3511
Garden & Retaining Walls
Large-scale modern concrete retaining wall blocks for large commercial installations & public works. ... See More Read Less
  • Skyscraper Wall
Commercial Garden & Retaining Walls
Skyscraper Commercial
Skyscraper’s smooth texture is a decidedly modern wall block. Those who want to create a more organi c look can opt for a curved installation and Chestnut Brown’s earthy tone. With the elimination of additional reinforcements, this 5-block system lets you design according to your needs to build both curved or straight, vertical, or battered walls ... See More Read Less
  • pavers Sleek pavés 01077 1319
  • Sleek Paver HD2 Greyed Nickel
Sleek is an ultra-modern large-scale and hyper smooth paver (HD²) perfect for modern and seamless dr iveway designs. ... See More Read Less
  • retaining wall blocks Travertina Wall muret01062 05 205 HDR
  • Travertina Raw Wall Ivory
Garden & Retaining Walls
Travertina Raw
Luxurious travertine wall blocks can build anything from retaining walls, to seat benches, bars & ou tdoor kitchens. ... See More Read Less
  • pavers Travertina Paver pavés DSC3864
  • Travertina Raw Paver HD2 Ivory
Travertina Raw
Brick-style paver with a travertine texture also available in permeable
  • wall caps Travertina Cap couronnement 01062 05 205
  • Travertina Raw Cap Ivory
Pool Coping & Wall Caps
Travertina Raw
Modern durable travertine style double-sided concrete wall cap.
  • patio paver slabs Travertina Raw HD² dalle de patio 00997 01 2387
  • Travertina Raw Slab HD2 Ivory
Patio Slabs
Travertina Raw
If you love the look of natural travertine but need something more robust, the Travertina Raw wall c ap is for you. Modern and durable, this double-sided concrete wall cap will elevate any landscape design. This coping/cap also boasts our Klean-Bloc technology for added protection against everyday wear and tear. ... See More Read Less
  • Travertina HD2 Slab
  • Travertina Raw Slab HD2 Ivory
Commercial Patio Slabs
Travertina Raw Commercial
Bring luxury to harsh climates with the Travertina Raw slab. The slabs HD2 finish provides it with a n added resistance that is required for extensive pedestrian use. Combine different formats to create a modular motif or opt for a modern look by creating linear patterns.   ... See More Read Less
  • pierre de maconnerie Triana masonry stone veneer MG 0727
Discontinued Products
Triana - Discontinued
Traditional natural-textured masonry brick stone. Available only in Canada
  • outdoor firepit Valencia foyer extérieur01014 09 canon 1094 v1
Fire Pits and Burners
Round-shaped stone patio fire pit available in multiple colors (steel insert sold seperately).
  • cobblestone paver Valet Basalt pavés01079 2760
  • Valet Paver Onyx Black
Traditional highly-textured square cobblestone driveway pavers.
  • pierre de maconnerie Visconti masonry stone veneer 01047 05 107
Masonry, Bricks
Larger-scale, highly-textured stone masonry brick. Available only in Canada.
Lean and linear looks for ever-lasting urban designs.
  • Westmount HD2+ Paver
Commercial Pavers
Westmount Commercial
Westmount’s slim shape brings finesse and an intimate feel to outdoor spaces. Create a linear motif for a modern look or use it in a herringbone pattern for some traditional charisma. This elegant paver is half-way between tradition and modernity and can support vehicular traffic. Westmount is also ASTM and ADA compliant. ... See More Read Less