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The Energizer

You are the energizer

You blur the line between inside and out. Your patio door swings open and closed all summer long. All of the things you do here make this patch of paradise more than just a backyard. It’s a soccer field, a playground, a dining room, a block party and maybe even a concert venue. At the end of it all it’s even a quiet place to catch your breath. There’s always something happening so keep the energy flowing. The summer doesn’t last forever but the memories do.

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The Energizer Pool

  • Pool

    Installing a pool can increase your home value by as much as 25%, not to mention the value of winning the family water volleyball tournament.LEARN MORE:
    Blu 60

The Energizer Firepit

  • Fire pit

    Those stories of sweet victory would best be told around an evening fire. Not only do fire pits make great focal points in a landscape, they also extend your backyard season well into Fall. LEARN MORE:

The Energizer Elevation

  • Elevation

    Use your backyard’s natural topography to separate the players from the fans. Create a viewing area to watch the kids play or connect different areas with a sweeping staircase. LEARN MORE:
    Raffinato Cap

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