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Here you are in your little summer retreat. Whether it’s finding a moment of solitude in the garden or enjoying quiet moments with friends and family, you rely on your backyard to replenish your mind and light your spirit. You effortlessly pass the time with a book or a beverage, watching your thoughts scatter and your worries vanish with the warm breeze. Take all the time you need to unwind, easy goer. Your backyard is as varied as the corners of your imagination.

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  • Paths

    Think about how you navigate to different areas of your backyard. Hardscaped paths create easy transitions from one area to the next. LEARN MORE:
    Blu 80

  • Water

    Nothing is as soothing and contemplative as a stone fountain. They make excellent focal points in a backyard design and they’re quietly charming, too. LEARN MORE:
    Bali Travertina

  • Edging

    Edging serves the vital purpose of separating the elements of a landscape. They keep the mulch in and the grass out. Paver stones provide beautiful contrast and high aesthetics as edging. LEARN MORE: Pietra
    Raffinato Edge

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