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Landscaping ideas

Big family cozy backyard

The clients have an extended family that they entertain frequently. They needed a space large enough to accommodate family gatherings, but with intimate features that enabled interactions with small groups.

Hence, the dining and bbq spaces are open and generous, while the sunken lounge and firepit areas feel enclosed and cozy. The transition from the large paved area to the two sunken features was key in unifying the three spaces.

In the center of the space, the bubbling rock creates a playful focal point – who would expect a grouping of natural rocks and grasses in the middle of a formal Travertina patio? To blur the division of two mediums, the slabs were exploded to permit the rocks to push into the patio, creating an unlikely marriage that delights the eye. The result is a look that is clean and classic, and at the same time, free-form and casual.

Travertina (Paver)