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There’s nothing wrong with a simple raised wooden deck, but these homeowners were looking to expand the use of their outdoor space into a multifunctional outdoor oasis. Vast, but lifeless, the old backyard offered a lot of untapped potential.

The transformation was simple but brilliant, focusing on creating intimate entertainment spaces while tying it all together through good design and thoughtful material choices. The design challenge was to create three distinct areas: a fire pit area, a seating area and an outdoor kitchen while keeping the flow seamless and the look harmonious.

For the fire pit area and main walkways, Aberdeen slabs, chosen for their luxurious natural slate look, were installed in a modular pattern to pave the main area and connect the spaces. Mini-Creta retaining wall would then be chosen to surround the space and have seamless built-in features like a tranquil water fountain and wrap-around seating wall bench bring life to the space. The fire pit was required to be a main focal point of the fire pit area, so the Prescott fire pit kit was selected for its subtly different texture and color.

Aberdeen (slabs)


Rock garden brown

The same design principles were carried into the outdoor kitchen area where the Mini-Creta garden wall continued to sprout a built-in outdoor kitchen and counter. A wooden pergola, was set as yet another vertical focal point to further define and differentiate the outdoor kitchen space. The Borealis outdoor slab was then used to mirror the wooden pergola’s texture on the floor while taking color hints from the chestnut colored Mini-Creta outdoor grill island, the chocolate colored York Caps and Antika cobblestone paver.

This property is a perfect example of how thoughtful material choices and good design go hand-in-hand.