Benefits of choosing Techo-Bloc for Contractors

Best. landscape. products.

We’ve worked hard to maintain our reputation as one 
of the leading hardscape manufacturers in the world 
so you can have peace of mind.

Quality through precision

a very specific blend of aggregates is selected for every product's concrete mix. This ensures both concrete strength and enhances the appearance of all Techo-Bloc products.

Microwave probes

One of the most important factors influencing concrete's strength is the moisture level used in the manufacturing process. Too much or too little and the concrete will fail over time. Techo-Bloc uses microwave probes throughout our plants to ensure consistent levels at all times, leading to strong products with consistent appearance.


Techo-Bloc was founded by a former landscape contractor and most of our leadership team has spent time in the field building hardscapes. We share your passion for transforming outdoor spaces and are driven by the satisfaction found in building something through careful planning and hard work. We are committed to understanding your challenges, discovering and sharing solutions and ultimately growing your business through education and support. We're here to help you land more projects, bid them more accurately and build them better, faster and more profitably.

Laser verification

used to control both the volumes of aggregates measured out for each product's mix-design and to ensure the industry's tightest dimensional tolerances. This technology means consistent product texture, finish and sizing.

Purpose-driven innovation

All techo-bloc products are designed to leverage your creativity and craftsmanship to constantly "Wow" your customers.We constantly push the boundaries of what is possible with concrete by focusing on the the 3 pillars of design: color, texture & scale. This means 23 vivid and natural colors offered across 12 different textures and over 200 available sizes. It's the freedom to create!

Thermodynamically-stabilized iron oxide pigment

Injected with up to 1/32 oz. Precision to ensure consistent coloration from batch to batch and product to product. The result, colors you can count on from display, to sample, to install and over time.

Environmentally friendly

Give new meaning to the term “environmentally conscious” with permeable pavers that are as eye-catching as they are eco-friendly. These rock-solid products are an easy way to treat your home to an elegant upgrade while keeping the grander environment in mind.

We help you at every step of the process

LPlanning a landscape renovation but don’t know where to start? Let us guide you through the process with tips from how to choose the right professional all the way to breaking down your budget.

Contractors you can trust

We wouldn’t choose just anyone to install our products. Why should you? With over 600 Techo-Pros across the United-States and Canada, we can help connect you with the perfect match.

Designed for 

Where design needs durability. Over 35 international patents, we offer the widest selection of commercial grade products, permeable pavement and retaining walls.