Benefits of choosing Techo-Bloc

The Best Landscape Products.

We’ve worked hard to maintain our reputation as one of the leading hardscape manufacturers in the world so you can have peace of mind knowing that your designs will last a lifetime.

Infinite design possibilities with our variety of products

Our products, conceived with four key pillars in mind, are designed to enable you to express your style and bring your creative visions to life. Mix and match color, texture, scale and shape to create clearly unique looks for your outdoor projects.

Exclusive Technologies

At Techo-Bloc, we believe that no one should have to compromise between style and durability when choosing their landscaping products. That is why we work tirelessly to develop the best pavers and slabs to not only revive outdoor spaces, but to also ensure that they stand up to the test of time even through the harshest of climates.

Limitless imagination. Limitless inspiration.

Looking for a little inspiration on how to make your next landscape design stand-out from the crowd? Our lookbook is sure to keep you ahead of the design curve.

Eye catching and eco-friendly

Give new meaning to the term “environmentally conscious” with permeable pavers that are as eye-catching as they are eco-friendly. These rock-solid products are an easy way to treat outdoor spaces to an elegant upgrade while keeping the grander environment in mind.

Real-life inspiration

Looking to touch, feel and see our landscape products? Visit your local Techo-Bloc dealer to experience our vast array of collections. An indoor boutique or an outdoor display will surely leave you inspired!

Lifetime warranties

Our precious stones are forever, and so is our warranty. Techo-Bloc offers a lifetime warranty on the structural integrity of all dry-cast paving stones and retaining wall stones it manufactures. Our landscape and masonry collections are manufactured under the highest standards of quality and workmanship.

Designed for commercial application

Where design needs durability. Over 35 international patents, we offer the widest selection of commercial grade products, permeable pavement and retaining walls.

Breaking the mold

For over three decades, Techo-Bloc has paved the way for design-savvy homeowners, contractors and architects to create imaginative outdoor spaces. Techo-Bloc was created by design aficionados for design lovers.