MYST Residential Development

Choosing Solutions for Stormwater Management in a Luxury Setting

The formerly industrial neighborhood of Pointe-Saint-Charles in Montreal had been overlooked by developers for decades. But trends in urbanization and local initiatives demonstrate a renewed focus on city living in the region.

The MYST luxury residential development is part of that initiative, and the project was started to attract homeowners to the bustling new Canal District.

The development offers homeowners open concept floor plans and terraces with impressive views of the Lachine Canal and Montreal skyline.


Designing for Luxury and Resilience

Fadi Melki, developer for the MYST project, noted the goal of the initiative was “to make MYST the most distinctive property in the Canal District.”

The waterfront setting of MYST called for a long-lasting exterior paving design that wouldn’t detract from its luxury appeal or character. The residential development is located in the heart of the Canal District and needed to accommodate heavy foot traffic and safe solutions for visitors entering and leaving the building.

Montreal’s climate also posed challenges to the designer: The region’s heavy rainfall and winter weather can wreak havoc on paving options over time. The designers for the project needed an exterior design solution that could incorporate durability and effective stormwater management, without sacrificing any of the “distinctive” style developers were after.


Solutions for Stormwater Management and Sleek Style 

The designers chose a combination of Techo-Bloc products to address stormwater management in the project, while also providing the development with a distinctive style to attract homeowners. They used 6,000 square feet of Hydra pavers in Grey and 2,000 square feet of Industria pavers in Greyed Nickel and Onyx Black, both in a Granitex texture.

The permeable Hydra pavement provides a surface that is capable of supporting vehicular traffic, including equivalent single axle loads (ESALs) from emergency or delivery vehicles, and drains away all surface water. Plus, the elimination of standing water on the pavement’s surface virtually eliminates the potential for slippery winter ice conditions and has resulted in lower-than-anticipated winter maintenance costs.

The combination of colors, shapes, and textures ensured the designers were able to achieve the distinctive style the developers and residents wanted for the main entrance. The pavers chosen are able to withstand harsh winters, including being resistant to de-icing salt, ensuring that both residents and their visitors are able to enter and exit the building safely, even after a winter storm. Stormwater runoff is directed toward the permeable pavement for safe infiltration into that system.


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