Co-op allowance

For authorized Techo-bloc dealers only

Our Authorized Techo-Bloc Dealer Program offers an allowance amount to go towards promoting that Techo-Bloc products are available at your store. Up to 50% of every advertising purchase that is submited to Techo-Bloc and follows the co-op rules will be credited from your co-op allowance. This allowance represents 1% of your prior year’s net purchases of Techo-Bloc concrete products (excludes resale items).

Example :

Double your advertising power with half the investment

Important note

Unused co-op of previous years is not transferable to the next (noncumulative).
Reimbursements will be done on a quarterly basis.
Ads must not have competitors displayed for the same product category.
Co-op credits do not cover taxes, postage, agency fees, artwork fees or production fees.
All online advertising credits are capped at 50%. This applies to Facebook, Instagram, Web banners etc.
Proof of publication (screenshots) and official reports are necessary.
Independent AdWords claims must include a pre-approved keyword list, an exclusive Techo-Bloc landing page and an official AdWords report for proof of performance.
AdWords credits are based on PPC performance and not flat rates.