Diamond paver

Modern landscape's new jewel


Diamond landscape paver brings a kaleidoscope effect to modern landscape design. Inspired by the geometric patterns currently shaping contemporary interior design, the Diamond landscape paver brings this look outside. The diamond shape paired with the color & texture options of this paver make it one of the most creatively flexible modern-style pavers for commercial plazas, parks, sidewalks, as well as residential use. Build outdoor floors inspired by chevron, zig-zag, cubic illusions and more.



Color and texture options

Chestnut Brown Beige Cream Greyed Nickel Shale Grey Charcoal Onyx Black
HD2 Smooth
HD2 Granitex
HD2 Smooth HD2 Granitex
Chestnut Brown
Beige Cream
Greyed Nickel
Shale Grey
Onyx Black

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Commercial catalog


Our 2021 catalog focuses on the design pillars that make Techo-Bloc products stand out from the rest. From combinations of colors, scales, shapes and textures to out-of-the-box patterns and mosaics, you will certainly find inspiration to make your next commercial project a showstopping success.




Commercial products


Exceptional designs require exceptional products. 
All Techo-Bloc commercial products are engineered to surpass every industry standard in order to ensure outstanding performance. Our pavers, permeable pavers, slabs and walls are manufactured to achieve higher compressive and flexural resistance, lower absorption rates, increased thermodynamically-stabilized pigmentation and industry-leading dimensional precision. Uniquely remarkable hardscape solutions, bringing your vision to life.


  • Industria Smooth HD2 Paver
  • Industria 300 Paver Smooth Greyed Nickel
Commercial Pavers
Industria Smooth Commercial
The Industria Smooth heavy-duty paver is ADA and ASTM compliant, making it perfect for urban environ ments. From linear to checkered patterns, this paver gives you the freedom to combine it with other formats, textures and colors from the Industria collection. ... See More Read Less
  • Hexa 100 HD2+ Paver
Commercial Pavers
Hexa 100 Commercial
Hexa’s modern geometric paver is ideal for small and large spaces. Use its broad color pallet to cre ate a high-contrast motif or structure the hexagonal paver into more straightforward symmetrical mosaics. Hexa’s HD2+ finish makes it a durable option for any commercial project. ... See More Read Less
  • Everest HD2+ Slab
Commercial Patio Slabs
Everest Commercial
The avant-garde Everest patio slab is at home in both contemporary and traditional aesthetic environ ments. Pair this unique slab with the Para HD2 smooth slab to create showstopping designs. This product is a durable solution for any commercial, institutional or industrial pedestrian area.  ... See More Read Less
  • Para HD2 Slab
  • Para Slab HD2 Smooth Greyed Nickel
Commercial Patio Slabs
Para Commercial
Offered in three compatible formats, the Para slab can create a sleek and refined modular pattern or linear motifs where simplicity and subtility is key. Its patented HD2 finish gives it an extremely tight surface texture with virtually invisible pores.  ... See More Read Less

Technical specs

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