Diamond paver

Modern landscape's new jewel

Diamond landscape paver brings a kaleidoscope effect to modern landscape design. Inspired by the geometric patterns currently shaping contemporary interior design, the Diamond landscape paver brings this look outside. The diamond shape paired with the color & texture options of this paver make it one of the most creatively flexible modern-style pavers for commercial plazas, parks, sidewalks, as well as residential use. Build outdoor floors inspired by chevron, zig-zag, cubic illusions and more.


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Game changing technology

Our game-changing HD² technology makes our paving stones 1.5 times stronger than the industry standard. It’s loaded with the hardest aggregates, that means no crumbling. HD² is jam-packed with higher particles per square inch for the smoothest smooth and the most eye-catching of textures. It’s like anti-aging for paving stones. Its lower absorption rate means years of harsh winters won’t degrade your paving stones. Rich and natural color blends that stand the test of time against UV rays, acid rain and extreme temperatures.

  • patio paver slabs Aberdeen dalle de patio 29 S 07 v2
  • Aberdeen Azzuro
Anti-aging technology (HD²) has this luxurious slate patio stone looking great for decades to come.
  • patio paver slabs Blu 60 Slate dalle de patio A00441 3216
  • Blu Random Paver Slab Slate Shale Grey
Blu 60 Slate
Best-seller slate patio stones in multiple sizes backyard pool decks & walkways.
  • patio paver slabs Borealis dalle de patio 079994 11 010
  • Borealis Slab HD2 Hazelnut Brandy
Wood imitation patio stone planks with anti-aging technology. Looks and feels like wood but requires no maintenance. ... See More Read Less

Institutional, Commercial & Industrial

Exceptional designs require exceptional products. All Techo-Bloc commercial products are engineered to surpass every industry standard in order to ensure outstanding performance. Our pavers, permeable pavers, slabs and walls are manufactured to achieve higher compressive and flexural resistance, lower absorption rates, increased thermodynamically-stabilized pigmentation and industry-leading dimensional precision. Uniquely remarkable hardscape solutions, bringing your vision to life.

Perfect for contemporary design lovers who also love the look of natural stacked stone.
Hexa 100
Hexagonal-shaped paving stone for modern commercial or residential landscape design.

Industria Commercial Product