Better than Nature Intended

Inspired By Nature, Crafted by Artisans

Our artisans travel the world to curate the most beautiful stone pieces nature has to offer. Sculptors carve these stones to create the perfect shadows, enhancing the beauty of the stone’s textures.

Nature Meets Science & Art

Produced for Consistent beauty

Natural beauty reproduced in our own modern concrete products to offer you beauty that is precise, color tones that are stable and pieces that are dimensionally consistent for superior installation.

Only the highest grade ingredients throughout every stone

STRENGTH & DURABILITY STARTS AT THE CORE. Fine granite aggregates create superior density compared to the subgrade course limestone used in competing products. Results in a finished product with much higher density, lower absorption and incredible structural integrity for quality that lasts a lifetime.

Food Industry Methodologies. For quality control procedures & raw material testing

Stringent quality controls that set industry benchmarks. Surpassing ASTM, CSA & BNQ standards, one of the strictest standards in the world. Raw material testing for zero contaminants and consistent finesse modulus (FM). The quality control team at Techo Bloc is not just a department but involves every employee of every department. Superior quality is our way of life.

Engineered to overcome the harshest climate

Freeze & thaw results that break records. We test our products using saline tests rather than water tests. Techo-bloc dry-cast paving stones are de-icing salt resistant and engineered to withstand the harshest climates.

Laying the groundwork for spectacular

PRODUCTS DESIGNED FOR LANDSCAPE DESIGN Design aficionados at heart, we believe in style with substance. Our techo-bloc landscape design team works closely with our product development team to create products that push the boundaries of landscape design and set trends.

Lifetime Warranty

Our products are our pride and we go to great lengths to ensure that the purchase of our materials is a long-term sound investment providing enjoyment for years to come.