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Techo-Village is a store locator and contractor directory for Techo-Pros to increase business opportunities


The Techo-Bloc Village is an online business directory and lead generation tool exclusive to our partners. The Village is a FREE, easy to use platform of personalized Techo-Pro and Techo-Dealer profile pages that are optimized for mobile viewing .Prospective homeowners searching for landscape supplies or installers can find our partners, view their Village profile page on our website and easily get in touch with their choice of professional. On the receiving end, our partners can manage their leads in their Village account.

Access your account from any device
Upload photos of your work or your store to your profile page directly from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Follow-up with leads in seconds
Lead notifications and inquiries will be sent directly to your email inbox. Managing the status of your leads can also be done with a click of a button on your email and/or in your dashboard.

Create an online presence with a customized profile page:
With the village, each partner will have a specific, customizable, search engine friendly and mobile optimized page. Add your logo, information and details of your company as well as images of your work or store to really showcase your talent.

Analyze your profile’s performance
Check into your dashboard to manage your leads and view your ratings.

Rank higher in search results
Gain better and broader online visibility that translates more business opportunities as our digital marketing campaigns will push web and mobile traffic towards the Village.

Get invited to bid on jobs
Homeowners can reach out to you with their projects details and invite you to bid on their projects. On the receiving end, a simple click to accept or decline the invitation.

EXCLUSIVE: This is not open to just anybody, these are qualified and trusted Techo-Bloc suppliers and landscape installers. Not a Techo-Pro yet? You need to become one.


Techo-Village by Techo-Bloc

Request to be added to our Techo-Village by clicking on “Sign me up now”

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Accept the email invitation to activate your Village account

Techo-Village by Techo-Bloc

Set up and customize your Village profile page and start tracking and manage your leads.

Techo-Village by Techo-Bloc

Statistics are proving that most of today’s buyers are using online search as a first step to make a purchase. With as much as 50% of local searches on mobile that result in store visits within a day, you need to be present and easily searchable online.

As you might know, having a website is not enough!

You need to have at least:

  • Frequently updated added value contents.
  • Well thought user experience.
  • Mobile friendly presence.
  • Ongoing digital marketing campaigns.

Techo-Bloc offers you a simple free solution!

Techo-Village will help you carve out a place in the digital world by getting well indexed by the search engines.
Techo-Bloc will assist you to promote and grow your business using our exceptional online visibility and allowing you to showcase what makes your store a first-rate destination.

Even if you do have the budget, time and/or knowledge to get there, Techo-Village would be a free addition to your current sales channels.


A custom online profile page for your business

  • A self-managed profile page for your business.
  • Search engine optimized to generate the highest number of views to potential clients in your area.
  • Mobile-friendly to increase your business visibility amongst mobile users.
  • Local search oriented profile page to target top tier leads.

Better and broader visibility that translates to more business opportunities

  • Your business will benefit from Techo-Bloc’s existing and
    powerful online presence.
  • Your business will benefit from Techo-Bloc's continuous investments on digital marketing in order to increase traffic and leads generation.

Stay on top of your sales opportunities!

  • You’ll have access to detailed analytics about your profile performance.
  • Homeowners can easily get in touch with you.
  • You’ll receive notifications and updates on your leads by email.
  • You can track and manage your leads in a user-friendly dashboard, effectively identifying who's looking for you and how to further expand your client base.
  • You can submit proposals on homeowner projects and easily follow up with them directly in your dashboard.
  • It’s all free! Techo-Village would be a new sales channel for your business that costs you nothing.
Techo-Village by Techo-Bloc

You're a Techo-Pro?
Techo-Village is free and easily accessible for you, just follow the steps below.

You're not a Techo-Pro?
You need to become a Techo-Pro first. It's easy! Just click the button below to become one (bottom right button).

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Claim your Techo-Village profile

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Access, personalize and optimize your business profile.

Techo-Village by Techo-Bloc

Track and manage your leads to get new business.