How much do your events cost?

They are free of charge. 

Do I need to bring a printed confirmation?

No, the electronic ticket will do. 

Is there reserved seating?

No, it’s first come, first served. 

How do I change the date/city of the event I registered for?

Just register to your new desired event.  

I didn’t receive my $100 coupon.

Send an email to info@techo-bloc.com. Please include your full contact info, company name and the event you attended.  

Is there parking at the event?

Yes, it’s usually in front of the venue and it’s free of charge. 

Will I receive credits for attending?

Yes, if you are ICPI and/or NCMA certified, you will receive credits for attending any of the shows 

Can other colleagues from my company join me?

Yes, we encourage your entire company to register and join us. If you have last-minute additions, they can be registered at the event. 

Have more questions?

Please send an email to info@techo-bloc.com.