Sorry, this program is over. Please reach out for your local Techo-Bloc sales representative for more information.


Option details:

  1. Everest A Frame 22: Greyed Nickel & Shale Grey with Iconic wall in Carbon & Tints of Vanilla (cap is Raffinato in Onyx Black).
  2. Everest A Frame 23: Merlot & Chestnut Brown with Rosemont wall in Chocolate & Rock Garden Brown (cap is Raffinato in Chestnut Brown).
  3. Both

Please note the width of frame (including the wall and cap) is 52” wide. If you requested both, they must be merchandised together, do not separate them. For most even spacing, ensure to pair them beside the narrowest models in your selection (for exemple A Frames containing: Röcka, Prescott and Mini-Creta/Mini-Creta Architectural).  

If your inventory shows you have fence panels, we will include them with your order.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to your local Techo-Bloc sales representative.


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