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A quality installation is just as important as the stone itself, which is why Techo-Bloc has created the Techo-Pro contractors program, a referral program that helps you find a qualified Techo-Bloc contractor in your area with the knowledge and experience to design and build exactly what you want.
Techo-Pro contractors have been prescreened to ensure that your driveway, poolside, patio, steps, walkway, or other installation needs meets or exceeds not just industry standards, but also our own. Be sure to read our HELPFUL TIPS TO FIND THE RIGHT CONTRACTOR, before choosing any professional to do your work.

Enter your Zip/Postal code in the field appearing on this page and our database will generate the names and contact information of Techo-Pro contractors in your area. Call them today to book a free in-home consultation and estimate appointment.

Techo-Pro contractors are not employees of Techo-Bloc; they are independent masonry and landscaping contractors who have applied for and been accepted into our Techo-Pro program after fulfilling certain requirements. Techo-Bloc’s designation of these Techo-Pro contractors is merely a service to homeowners and we cannot assume any responsibility for work performed by a Techo-Pro contractor.