Choose Techo-Bloc as Your Paver in Long Island

Find your perfect paver in Long Island when you choose Techo-Bloc as your supplier and contractor. We sell and install a great selection of paving products with a wide range of applications. In densely-popular Long Island, you want your property to stand out. We help you make sure your home has true curb appeal with unbeatable paving.

Paving Products from Techo-Bloc

Paving for Patios and Terraces

Create relaxing, stylish outdoor living areas with stunning paving for patios, terraces and more.

Paving for Driveways

Build an attractive driveway that puts your vehicle in pride of place, while also offering durability.

Paving for Pool Decks

Elevate your pool with a deck that will rival the pool itself, built with practical paving that looks amazing.

Paving for Gardens

From winding paths to flower beds, use our paving to landscape a beautiful garden that your family can enjoy.

Paving for Walkways

Winding walkways with enticing paving will be impossible to resist, whether they take you through a garden or around a neighborhood.

Permeable Paving

Choose permeable paving for an eco-friendly option that will last without breaking the bank.

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