The architect’s key to infinite combinations

Urban design possibilities are made limitless with Industria. It’s the only collection that offers the freedom to create truly unique industrial-grade spaces. Imaginative pavements are made easy, turning outdoor spaces into works of art at ground level.

6 series, 14 sizes, 3 textures

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Color variation chart

Beige cream

Chestnut brown

Greyed nickel

Onyx black

Shale grey

Technical specs

Pattern examples

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Check out the Industria specs

Road traffic.png

Road traffic

Cars, heavy trucks, buses(ex. boulevards, main or secondary streets, pedestrian crossings, industrial, ports and airport areas)

  • Industria 150✕150

  • Industria 200✕200

  • Industria 300✕100

  • Industria 300✕150

  • Industria 300✕300

Light traffic.png

Light traffic

Cars and occasional light service trucks (ex. parking lots, sidewalks)

  • Industria 200✕400

  • Industria 450✕150

  • Industria 450✕300

  • Industria 600✕300



Pedestrian only and at all times. Without cars, or trucks or other mobile equipement (ex. terraces, parks, pedestrian walkways)

  • Industria 450✕100

  • Industria 600✕100

  • Industria 600✕200

Institutional, Commercial & Industrial

Exceptional designs require exceptional products. All Techo-Bloc commercial products are engineered to surpass every industry standard in order to ensure outstanding performance. Our pavers, permeable pavers, slabs and walls are manufactured to achieve higher compressive and flexural resistance, lower absorption rates, increased thermodynamically-stabilized pigmentation and industry-leading dimensional precision. Uniquely remarkable hardscape solutions, bringing your vision to life.

  • pavers Industria Smooth Paver pavés 01038 05 567
  • Industria 300 Paver Smooth Greyed Nickel
Industria Smooth
Multi-piece interlocking paver with a smooth texture for modern landscape designs for residential & public use. ... See More Read Less
  • retaining wall blocks G Force Smooth muret A00439 05 213
  • G Force Wall Shale Grey
Budget-friendly, light-weight modern-looking concrete retaining wall black that lets you build high. ... See More Read Less
  • permeable paver pervious Inflo pavé perméable 140910 8733
  • Inflo Paver Shale Grey
High traffic 7x11 permeable paver for commercial parking lots can be mechanically installed.