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Your home is your castle, and you want your castle to look stylish and chic - paving stone by paving stone. You can start your backyard transformation today with the best landscaping contractors Richmond has to offer.

We can offer top quality products and services that you need to make your dream backyard a reality. Go traditional with classic walkways and patios that give an air of grandeur, or head down the rustic route with a built-in firepit made of our finest stones. Whatever your ideal backyard is, we can help you to get there.

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A landscaping contractor in Richmond can offer you many services, from pools to outdoor features and perfected stairways in your backyard. You can even have a landscaping contractor work with you to create seasonal border design and turfing. Whatever you need for your backyard, we’ve got the products to help you to get your results.

Richmond is a place your home should stand out, and among all the buildings and architecture and landscape that is already there, your home should pop. Renovating your outdoor space is going to get you there, as are our expert landscaping contractors.

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Being eager to get started has never been so exciting, and with the best landscaping contractors around waiting to assist you, the entire project is going to be done as efficiently as possible. Get the professional advice that you need today with one phone call.


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Fallen in love with a Techo-Bloc product? Find a Techo-Bloc dealer in your area through our website to see and touch the products that caught your attention. Their expertise will guide you to find the perfect products for your landscaping project!