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A backyard transformation is an investment that should begin with durable products and quality services that allow you to embrace a new outdoor lifestyle. Everyone wants an outdoor space to be envied. With our professional landscaping contractors in St. Louis, you can do just that! Embrace the modern outdoor space you have always wanted and read more about our services below.

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Looking to transform your backyard? Installing new fire features, a swimming pool, and tree planting can do wonders for the way your St. Louis backyard looks and feels. You will fall in love with the way we finish your designs, so get on the path to a better backyard by investing in Techo-Bloc's services and hiring a landscape company that will ensure you achieve your dreams!


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Our contractors will work with you to bring your vision to life, first on paper and then in reality. Making your home stand out among all others in St. Louis is much easier with a certified Techo-Pro by your side!

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