Modern Landscaping Ideas

Design Elements
Color PaletMonochromatic
ShapesMinimalist and controlled clean lines, larger scale
TexturesSmooth, polished, HD2
Add-onsWater feature, modular lounge furniture

It’s pretty simple, really; really simple is pretty. Minimalists would agree, clutter-free visual bliss is what they strive for with clean lines, subdued colors and just the right contrasts in all the right places, making these kinds of landscapes an almost soulful experience. Sense how monochromatic tones calm the mind, and contrasts stir up a little something in the soul? Reach out and touch me smooth textures ground us in the knowledge that sleek and simple can still spark the senses, while fluid lines and balanced forms leave negative spaces positively glowing.

Perfect Proportions

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Outdoor living at its most, modern and sleek best. To go big or to go long; why choose? Both capture a modern, clean look. Whether you desire oversized slabs or lean, linear pavers paired with barely there seams, you’ll create visual interest. Keeping it uncluttered lets you create a breathtaking backyard outfitted with pristine and polished features like water walls, and sleek fire pits for stunning focal points.

Zen Retreat


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We’ve got your back, minimalists! We understand and appreciate your need for clean lines, subdued colors and the casual contrasts in all the right places. Seek out landscapes that create soulful experiences and infuse them with monochromatic tones that calm the mind. Create your own backyard bliss with river rocks,  smooth slabs and long, ornamental grass.

Not just another brick in the wall

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Ready to get creative with your outdoor world? Our varied range of retaining wall options inspires you to reach for the sky. Build raised patios, integrated outdoor staircases and levels of planter walls also building visual interest. For a more modern take, go for a three-dimensional Graphix stone wall block to keep both your eye and your inspiration on the move. You can be sure the compliments will start stacking up in no time.

Smooth slabs

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When it comes to outdoor living, you favour a sleek, polished look. Feature oversized, ultra-smooth pavers as your backyard centrefold. Just when everything starts to feel a little square and one-dimensional, bring it full circle with contrasting and colored river rocks, giving every area it crosses its very own sense of purpose.

Modern Living

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Ready to trade in a traditional country outdoor fire pit for a sleek and edgy experience? Dare to go square with clean, contemporary lines and contrasting colors. The modern host knows no bounds when it comes to mixing ultra-modern features like luxe seating, structured shrubbery and understated elegance for modern-day entertaining.

Wood is good but slabs are fab!

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Seeking inspiration for your own swanky rooftop patio? Rooftop wows are now even more impressive when traditional wood is substituted for a concrete version that’s a little more savvy. The Borealis outdoor slab collection has all the beauty and charm of wood, in a durable warp-free concrete patio stone. Create a contemporary, modern look that is on-trend and does not compromise the outdoor, fresh-airy feeling