Landscaping project estimated cost

Here’s the estimation of your landscape project! 

*This budget range is an estimation based on similar projects. Exact pricing could be less or more based on several factors.

What can affect the price of my landscape project?

Every project is unique, and so is the investment. Read more about the factors below that can affect the price of your own landscape project.

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Material selection

Not every paver is sold at the same price. From the raw materials used in the manufacturing process to the color selection, there are a lot of factors that can vary and change the price of your final project.

Features selection

You’ve started your project but have decided to add more features during the process, such as lighting in your steps or a sound system near the pool. Features add costs to your project, but also add value to your home.

Project difficulty

The price of your project can increase if your landscape professional is facing obstacles along the way. For example, installing pavers on a slope is more complicated than laying a 10x10 backyard patio.

Labor fee

The contractor you choose sets a price according to multiple factors, such as the equipment he will require to build the project as well as the crew he will need.

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Living in a climate that has elevated precipitation or colder temperatures means selecting products that will resist the elements. Choosing your product accordingly based on your environment can also impact the price.

Time of the year

Early bird gets the worm and might just get better pricing! Planning your project early on the season, before landscaper projects are in full swing might afford you better pricing from a contractor.

Ease of access

Living downtown where your house’s access is restricted? Does the contractor need to travel further to get to your home? Travel time and equipment restrictions can impact the cost of your project.

Soil type

Digging into clay versus rock is way easier! Your landscape professional might face some challenges during the excavation phase, which can impact the pricing.

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