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No matter your preferred style, we have designs to spark your creativity. From larger-than-life patio slabs and uniquely shaped pavers to stunning outdoor lighting and custom fire features, you will surely find inspiration to kick-start your next landscape renovation.


Industria 300 Series paver in Beige Cream

Raffinato wall & cap in Beige Cream

Playing with Fire, and Water

Opposites attract. Conjure creative contrast and spark a flood of compliments with the unexpectedly elegant union of fire and water. From lakeside to poolside, or even perched inside! — wherever H₂O flows, fire goes, with the ingenious injection of an astutely positioned feature that ignites as much synergy as it does surprise.


Blu Grande Smooth slab in Greyed Nickel


Ocean Grande slab in Beige Cream

Victorien paver in Onyx Black

Vacations That Last a Lifetime

Longing for that far-away feeling? With a little clever creativity, you can conjure up a postcard perfect parallel right in your own backyard. Forget the last minute packing stress − relax and enjoy a hassle-free getaway that will last a lifetime, right in the comfort of your home. Start from the ground up, with our Ocean Grande or Travertina Raw slabs, evoking a dreamy texture that takes you away to foreign lands. Amp up the ambiance with lounge-worthy furniture and linens, and a splash of rope decor. Then tie it all together with an outdoor fire pit to warm-up your evenings after a day of poolside bliss.


Blu Grande Smooth slab in Greyed Nickel

Borealis slab in Smoked Pine


Westmount paver in Shale Grey

Raffinato wall & step in Greyed Nickel


Industria Triangle paver in Beige Cream

Shine a Light on The Great Outdoors

When night falls, illuminate with elegance and keep the mood bright with the irresistible allure of a sprinkling of lights. Place spot lights along a path to guide the way, or bring that starry night sky down to ground level with a constellation of diamond inlays. To inject an element of surprise, arrange some lighting cleverly on a wall — and watch it transform into a work of art by night.

Landscapes that Nurture Nature

Style note: when it comes to the outdoors, green goes with everything! Create an unexpected element of surprise and soften the edges of your hardscaping by gracing spaces with a sprig of gorgeous green. Surround seating areas with flower beds or add a measure of structure to stairways with lean lines of grassy accents. Blend grass elements with the Aquastorm paver for driveways, resulting in a low-maintenance, permeable solution. And for those spaces where the green was first on the scene, turn it into a focal point (and a conversation piece!) by letting it stand its ground and simply hardscaping around it.


Blu Various sizes paver in Greyed Nickel

Raffinato wall in Onyx Black

Raffinato cap in Greyed Nickel


Blu Grande slab in Greyed Nickel

Borealis slab in Smoked Pine


Para slab in Greyed Nickel

Industria Triangle paver in Greyed Nickel, Shale Grey & Onyx Black

Westmount paver in Shale Grey & Onyx Black

Raffinato wall, cap & step in Greyed Nickel

Make Waves, Right at Home

The cool draw of a pool becomes irresistible when you add clever architectural elements that ripple with refreshing ingenuity. Inviting steps lead to a striking poolside firepit, instantly elevating the atmosphere. When you’re dreaming of diving clear into vacation mode, the injection of an integrated lounge area makes it oh-so-easy. And where water and land features each make distinctive statements of their own, lay the groundwork for continuity with oversized stepping stones and create a connection that feels as natural as the elements themselves.


Travertina Raw slab in Ivory

Bali Travertina Raw cap in Ivory


Perfect Pairings

Whether you lean towards monochromatic and smooth clean lines or love to shake up design with unique texture and color blends, we have made selecting the perfect products easy in the outdoors. From walls to pavers and slabs to caps, we have designed collections across different product categories, ensuring continuity in your outdoor space. Color match across our collections, choose one consistent texture or select your favorite finish and your outdoor surface is sure to fit seamlessly with your style from top to bottom.


Blu Various sizes slab in Greyed Nickel

Squadra paver in Onyx Black

Raffinato step in Greyed Nickel


Diamond paver in Chestnut Brown

Small Space, Big Impression

Space small, but still want it all? The clever way to play this little game is by stylizing and maximizing every opportunity. Things are really looking up for those urbanites who have a rooftop space to work with, while welcoming design elements and layouts make compact balconies feel anything but confined. Or, try elevating your backyard vibe to the next level in a big way by layering up distinct areas that don’t waste a single inch of outdoor space.

Define your spaces outdoors

When it comes to creating rooms outdoors, definition and separation will allow you to showcase your spaces. Infuse function and beauty through contrasting colors, textures and mosaic patterns at ground level that will create separation between dining and lounging. Break up your space even further with a lower firepit area and privacy wall for the ultimate late-night leisure that will convert a standard space into a warm welcome.


Industria paver in Greyed Nickel, Shale Grey, Chestnut Brown & Onyx Black


Blu Grande Smooth slab in Greyed Nickel

Valet paver and Squadra paver in Onyx Black

Raffinato Cap in Greyed Nickel


Blu Various sizes slab in Greyed Nickel

Raffinato step in Greyed Nickel

Layer your landscape

Working with a large piece of flat land? Layering your landscape with pavilions or areas with different heights allows you to create intimate areas in your outdoor space. This will create focus around your favorite features such as waterfalls and flower beds or help other features such as hot tubs blend in. It’s a dynamic way to keep the eye moving fluidly while telling a singularly chic story.


Raffinato wall in Greyed Nickel & Onyx Black

Raffinato cap in Greyed Nickel


Blu Various sizes slab in Greyed Nickel

Take a walk on the styled side

From path to pool to firepit, walkways guide us through the design story and lead us right to where we want to go: your property’s most inviting spaces. And while simple and straightforward can sometimes be sublime, our creative collection of unique textures, finishes, colors and shapes may inspire you to step to a different beat and wander off in a stunning new style direction.


Blu Grande Smooth slab in Shale Grey


Para slab in Greyed Nickel


Raffinato cap in Greyed Nickel

The luxury of low maintenance

Outdoor spaces are made to be enjoyed. Spend less time caring for them and more time admiring them by incorporating hardscaping elements that help keep maintenance to a minimum. Make high quality stones your highlight and let low-care greenery play a supporting role: It’s a perfectly pleasing way to minimize mowing and mulching and maximize your me-time.

Beyond beige

When it comes to continuity, beige can be beautiful. But don’t be afraid to step beyond: you can exercise your off-white options by injecting shots of color, texture and scale into that dreamy cream landscape. It’s a playful way to add interest, without drawing too far outside the lines.


Graphix wall in Beige Cream

Borealis wall in Hazelnut Brandy


Hexa slab in Beige Cream and Chestnut Brown

Westmount paver in Chestnut Brown

Keeping things consistent

Monochromatic is making a comeback! We’ve made selecting your perfect color and sticking to it easy in the outdoors. From walls to pavers and slabs to caps, we have designed our collections in the same colors across different product categories, ensuring continuity in your outdoor space. Including patterns and texture are easy ways to add in some much-needed visual interest.


Raffinato wall & cap in Beige Cream


Raffinato wall & cap in Greyed Nickel and Onyx Black

Small touches, big impact

Great design is born from the finest of details. Adding design touches such as a toe kick and recessed lighting under your fire pit makes a subtle statement. Add in-ground lighting, drop lighting near stairs and up-lighting on pillars to see your backyard glow as soon as the sun sets. Details are not just details. They make you stop and notice the finer things in life.


Graphix wall in Onyx Black

Bullnose Grande cap in Greyed Nickel


Linea paver in Shale Grey

Villagio paver in Onyx Black


Industria slab in Shale Grey

Victorien paver in Onyx Black

Your front yard shouldn't dictate your backyard

Your personality has distinct elements. Your outdoor spaces should, too. Why not change things up from front yard to back? Go classic in one and a little wilder in the other. Have fun deciding what to show off to the world and what to keep for guests’ eyes only. Play by the rule of elegant yet exciting, and your style sense is sure to shine.

Drink, dine, de-stress: one space, endless experiences

Ever notice how the party always ends up in the kitchen? Now you can take that vibe outside with a patio that’s smartly designed to serve as a bar, kitchen dining area and lounge, all in one. Craft up some cocktails while you’re grilling, enjoy some gourmet snacks at the bar, then chill out around the fire later on, to keep things cooking all night long.


Antika paver in Chocolate Brown

Brandon wall in Chestnut Brown


Brandon rectangle fire pit in Chestnut Brown

Borealis slab 5x30 in Hazelnut Brandy and Smoked Pine


Ocean Grande slab in Beige Cream

Get in touch with texture

From big space to small, you can always count on texture to make things more interesting. In classic, a-little-goes-a-long-way fashion, high texture slabs keep the space subtle and inviting, without ever bordering on boring. Then wall elements step in with smooth and rough finishes to punctuate the story with a touching ending.


Blu Grande Polished slab in Greyed Nickel

Borealis slab 5x30 in Riviera


Graphix wall in Greyed Nickel & Onyx Black

One-of-a-kind Design

Straightforward style can be sublime, but sometimes it’s refreshing to draw outside the lines. Get creative with our wall collections to break down barriers between simple and spectacular. When the party moves outside, a custom-designed kitchen helps keep things cooking while making mingling easier. If dining under the stars is on the table, make it unforgettable with a one-of-a-kind style that will make you want to savour that open-air flair every night. A custom stone creation that looks like wood will never warp under the weight of those deep conversations. As the night wears on, corner the market on cozy with a contemporary firepit that echoes the angle of your seating area.


Blu Various sizes slab in Beige Cream

Graphix wall in Beige Cream

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