What makes a quality paving stone?

hd2 superior strength

Superior Strenth

This patent pending process makes HD2 products up to 1.5 times stronger than industry standard of 8000 psi. What's more, these paving stones are packed with ingredients earning them a spot at the top of the Mohs hardness scale. Its resistance to flexion and compression ensures no crombling.

That means the mix of high-quality coarse and fine grain aggregates reinforces the integrity of the patent pending HD2 fustion technology.

hd2 durability


HD2 is like anti-aging for paving stones. Its higher particles per square inch dramatically decreases the stone's absorption levels, and a stone that retains less water is less vulnerable to the elements.

That means freeze-thaw and acid rain won't affect or degrade HD2 paving stone's integrity

hd2 colors

Vibrant Color

With dazzling color distribution, vibrancy, higher pigment content and subtle hue, the HD2 patent pending process ensures rich, authentic color blends.

What's more, HD2 has thermodynamically stabilized pigments taht ensure resistance to UV rays, chemicals and extreme temperatures. Head turning colors whose vibrancy stands the test of time!

hd2 texture

Ultra-Detailed Texture

Look closely, move in and admire that hyper-smooth finish. HD2 is always close-up ready. Boasting higher particles per square inch, this technology leads to a tighter surface with less pores. HD2 translates into finishes that are always ultra-detailed and refined for the smoothest smooth and intricate textures that you can feel with your eyes.

hd2 plus
hd2 plus


Taking our already cutting-edge technology to the next level. HD2+ has the added benefit of a factory seal for added stain resistance, elevated color boost and a reduced absorption rate.

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