Techo-Bloc Landscaping Contractor

Top Paving Stone in Albany

Are you looking for the right paver in Albany to transform your home? Get a brand new exterior feature when you choose Techo-Bloc products for your driveway, patio, walkway or poolside. As the capital of New York State, Albany might get overlooked by NYC, but there's no need for your home to be overlooked too.

Picture Perfect Paving

Techo-Bloc has a strong catalog of paving products, giving you a choice of styles that vary in design. Use a permeable paving for your driveway or find the perfect pattern for your brand new patio.

Paving Applications

Our paving products can be used for many different applications, including terraces and patios, driveways and walkways. Permeable paving is designed to offer an affordable solution for anyone who wants a durable paved area with improved drainage to prevent flooding and standing water.

Hardscaping Design

Make your paving more than just a practical home improvement. Our choice of design-led paving options makes it easy to lift up any project and make it extra special. Explore our available designs to discover something that works for your home improvement project, both in terms of style and function.

Landscaping Supply Stores in Albany

What can a landscaping contractor in Albany do for you?


Well, they offer a range of services, including the following:

  • Patio installation/design
  • Swimming pool construction
  • Pathway installation
  • General landscaping maintenance
  • Hardscaping construction
  • Landscaping architecture and design services


To put it simply; they can help you get the best out of our products. It’s always worth hiring a landscaping contractor just to ensure that you don’t damage your property or install anything incorrectly. It might seem like an additional cost, but it’s a worthwhile investment.