Permeable pavements gain interest in North America

North Americans are more aware than ever of the crucial need to review our traditional ways of handling stormwater. We need to better protect the environment, our infrastructures and own properties. Techo-Bloc has been a pioneer and strong advocate of permeable pavements for the last 10 years and we are proud to see that segmental permeable pavements (using pavers and slabs) are now becoming part of legislation.

For example, many states and cities like California, Connecticut and Minnesota encourage sustainable water management and have already begun enforcing by-laws that require segmental permeable pavements. Ellicot City in Maryland had flooding and pollution issues, which they solved by implementing rain gardens, permeable pavers and bio-retention cells. In Allentown, Pennsylvania, an individual will receive a discount on his/her stormwater fee by installing a storm water management system.

In Canada, provinces like Ontario and Prince Edward Island give federal funding dollars to sustainable projects. Prince Edward Island will receive $366 million over the next decade for green infrastructure implementation.

Many others are moving quickly to follow these new urban planning practices which could also result in billions of cost savings. This has and will continue to affect by-laws for public and residential landscapes in the very near future.  

Permeable paver toolbox

In order for landscape supply centers to address homeowners’ growing concerns and changing by-laws, we’ve created our permeable paver toolbox for you to consult. It will help you be aware of permeable pavement options and learn more about their installation.

Permeable pavement: The future of urban planning

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