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  • Blu Grande Polished Slab
  • Blu Grande Slab Polished Greyed Nickle
Commercial Patio Slabs
Blu Grande Polished Commercial
Unleash your creativity with Blu Grande Polished. Pair this slab with its smooth counterparts and cr eate a modern and sleek look. This rectangular slab looks great in linear and herringbone motifs but can also be integrated into modular or custom designs. Its minimalistic joints make this smooth slab compliant with ADA.  ... See More Read Less
  • Blu Grande Slate Slab
  • Blu Grande Slab Slate Champlain Grey
Commercial Patio Slabs
Blu Grande Slate Commercial
The Blu Grande Slate slab has a natural stone texture. Its large size makes it a great pedestal or r ooftop patio slab, while its natural stone texture gives it an anti-slip advantage around pools and water areas. Blend this product with the Blu Grande Smooth slab to make a charismatic hardscape or keep alone to create a traditional feel.  ... See More Read Less
  • Blu Grande Smooth Slab
  • Blu Grande Slab Smooth Greyed Nickel
Commercial Patio Slabs
Blu Grande Smooth Commercial
The sleek and contemporary Blu Grande Smooth slab has fewer joints per surface area, making it well- suited for pedestal and rooftop applications. Install it in a linear pattern or create modular patterns by combining other Blu formats.   ... See More Read Less
  • Borealis HD2 Slab
  • Borealis Slab HD2 Hazelnut Brandy
Commercial Patio Slabs
Borealis Commercial
Inspired by the majestic forests of the northern hemisphere, the Borealis slab is ideal for the hars hest of pedestrian spaces, where organic wood would decay. It is ideal for any commercial project looking to create inviting and cozy spaces. Combine the two formats to create linear and herringbone patterns.  ... See More Read Less
  • Everest HD2+ Slab
Commercial Patio Slabs
Everest Commercial
The avant-garde Everest patio slab is at home in both contemporary and traditional aesthetic environ ments. Pair this unique slab with the Para HD2 smooth slab to create showstopping designs. This product is a durable solution for any commercial, institutional or industrial pedestrian area.  ... See More Read Less
  • Hexa 60 HD2+ Slab
Commercial Patio Slabs
Hexa 60 Commercial
Hexa’s unique shape is great to counterbalance the strict linearity of many contemporary spaces. Thi s elongated hexagon can also be fashioned into stricter, symmetrical, more organized patterns according to the designer’s intent. The smooth slabs characteristics make it suitable for any modern commercial project.  ... See More Read Less
  • patio paver slabs Industria Granitex Slabs dalle de patio 5146 2
Commercial Patio Slabs
Industria Granitex Commercial
Resistant to scratches and stains, Industria Granitex is ideal for rooftop patios, pedestal applicat ions, and pedestrian-only spaces. This large slab’s square shape and refined slim joints give it a look that is both modern and timeless. Create contrast and add character to any commercial project by combining different textures or colors.   ... See More Read Less
  • Industria Polished HD2 Slab
  • Industria 600 Polished Greyed Nickel
Commercial Patio Slabs
Industria Polished Commercial
The Industria Polished slab was expressly designed for rooftop applications. Its versatility allows you to unleash your creativity and create patterns that are ADA compliant. The Industria Polished finish are perfect for high-end projects, where a touch of distinction and luxury are required.  ... See More Read Less
  • Industria Smooth HD2 Slab
  • Industria 600 Smooth Greyed Nickel
Commercial Patio Slabs
Industria Smooth Commercial
The ultra-modern Industria Smooth slab was designed for urban rooftops. This lightweight slab is per fect for pedestal applications, where it will keep the building below cool. This smooth slab is a durable solution for any pedestrian hardscape project.  ... See More Read Less
  • Ocean Grande HD2 Slab
  • Ocean Grande Slab HD2 Greyed Nickel
Commercial Patio Slabs
Ocean Grande Commercial
Inspired by the interactions of the sea and the shore, Ocean Grande is sure to add a sense of refine ment to any large-scale slab project. Pair this slab with the Blu Grande HD2 Smooth slab to generate some subtle contrasts and add visual interest to any upscale project. Exploit its non-slip properties at ground level around pools and other water-related areas.  ... See More Read Less
  • Para HD2 Slab
  • Para Slab HD2 Smooth Greyed Nickel
Commercial Patio Slabs
Para Commercial
Offered in three compatible formats, the Para slab can create a sleek and refined modular pattern or linear motifs where simplicity and subtility is key. Its patented HD2 finish gives it an extremely tight surface texture with virtually invisible pores.  ... See More Read Less
  • Travertina HD2 Slab
  • Travertina Raw Slab HD2 Ivory
Commercial Patio Slabs
Travertina Raw Commercial
Bring luxury to harsh climates with the Travertina Raw slab. The slabs HD2 finish provides it with a n added resistance that is required for extensive pedestrian use. Combine different formats to create a modular motif or opt for a modern look by creating linear patterns.   ... See More Read Less