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Raffinato Commercial

Raffinato Commercial




The Raffinato step is an elegant, refined, and versatile concrete module suited for a variety of creative uses. Its smooth texture and clean chamfered edges make it suitable for any commercial, institutional or industrial project with a modern look. Other than their obvious use as a step module, these sleek monoliths can be used as literal building blocks to bring your creative vision to life. Stack them up to create retaining walls, modular planting beds, and custom urban seating without the need to pour concrete on site. Flip them on the side and nestle them into the earth to create extra-wide walkway curbs. Turn them into contemporary stepping stones. Add topography to your plaza by creating terraced gardens. Combine the Raffinato step with the smaller Raffinato interlocking wall blocks and wall caps/slabs to give your commercial patio or any other urban project a cohesive and strong identity. The only limit is your imagination. Although available in Techo-Bloc’s lightest colors for a high solar reflectance index and a reduced urban heat island effect, the Raffinato step module is also available in Onyx Black, for when dark colors are a must. Like all products within the Raffinato collection, this large step unit is de-icing salt resistant and a durable solution for any urban hardscape project.


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