Contractor Showcase

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Contractor Showcase

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What to expect at Contractor Showcase


  •  Get there early! As of 7AM our team is ready to greet you and connect you with some of the industry’s latest products and innovations. You’ll get to meet plenty of suppliers to the trade offering the latest in tools, equipment, software and services to grow your business.


  •  8:30AM the Hardscape Education Session begins and runs all the way through to lunch. We’ll cover a variety of construction topics (presented below) – all focused on growing your business through increased productivity and improved construction methods.


  •  After a hearty lunch, you’ll get the chance to win awesome prizes before we kick off the afternoon’s Owners and Managers Hardscape Business Conference, presented in partnership with LMN. We’ll take our learnings from the morning session and dive into their financial impact on your company.


  •  Be sure to show up with some space in your truck as you’ll be loaded up with free SWAG, samples and other sales tools to help you kick start your 2019 season.

Don’t miss out on all the fun!

Get to know your fellow hardscapers

Whether over breakfast, lunch or a hot coffee, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know your peers. Discover what’s working for others and what tools they’re using.

Learn new techniques with live demos

New hardscaping ideas can often have huge payoffs. But they’re risky. Learn new techniques so you can reap the rewards in your own projects.

Grow your business

Contractor Showcase is designed to give you the tools you need for your business to succeed. Take what you learn and build the business you’ve been dreaming of!

Subjects Covered

Porous concrete overlay

For the first time ever, a porous concrete slab was poured as the base for a permeable pavement system. We’ll explore the materials and methods used so that weak soils and high water tables don’t necessarily limit the construction of permeable pavements.

Thinking outside the BLOCKS

Learn how your permeable projects don’t need to be restricted to permeable pavers only. We’ll discuss the role of joint spacing with more traditional style pavers to create beautiful and structurally sound solutions.

The BASE-ics

One project. Four base construction methods using different materials. Why? It’s all about the best choice for the specific application. Get the strength your project needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Addressing the labor gap

It’s called hardscaping for a reason and that means that having the right team members stick around and build a career long term can be tough. We’ll look at the different ways we can design projects, select products and implement equipment, tools and techniques to transform your work from back-breaking to game-changing.

Feature-rich landscapes

Winning business by delivering the greatest value to your customers involves more than just sales presentation skills. Make your designs stand out with exciting new outdoor living features that have been designed to blow homeowners away, but are built with your production rates in mind. We’re talking more revenue and profits per labor-hour on site.

Grow your business

The hardscape industry is changing incredibly quickly and understanding what the

next step is for your business can be tricky.

That’s why our team spends an incredible nine months building valuable content for these events.

Throughout the day, we’ll share insights that we’ve uncovered by working with tens of thousands of contractors. Let us connect you with everything great going on in the hardscape world.


Peter Baloglou aka “Paver Pete”

Paver Pete is Techo-Bloc’s Director of Education and Information. With 19 years in the industry, he takes hardscape projects from inception to completion, manufacturing, and distribution… Pete knows how to build jobs. He is an ICPI and NCMA certified instructor and committee member. He’s made his mark in almost 40 states and five countries, and he’s a founding member of the Showcase team!

Alexandre Cadieux

Alex has spent his entire life in the industry. Not only as an installer, but he’s also worked in paver manufacturing plants, developed new markets across North America and taught over 100 different hardscape education classes. Passionate about this industry, the only thing he loves more than hardscaping is growing people’s businesses. “My involvement with Contractor Showcase over the past 13 years has been incredibly rewarding as I’ve been able to experience first-hand what happens when we all get together to share knowledge and solutions: we grow the industry as a whole!

Rick Bischoff

Before working with Techo-Bloc, Rick opened three successful retail locations, and honed his building material knowledge in the DC area. He has consulted with hundreds of contractors and been involved in multiple segmental pavement, segmental retaining walls and permeable pavement projects. He is on the educational advisory board for the Upper Bucks County Vocational Technical School as well as an ICPI and NCMA Instructor.

Jeff Taphouse

A Hardscape Consultant with Techo-Bloc for more than three years, Jeff is both an ICPI and NCMA certified instructor. Previously, Jeff was a licensed builder in Virginia and Maryland, and a Techo-Pro Installer for more than seven years. He leverages this experience to promote environmental stewardship through his specialization in permeable pavement, storm water management and conservation landscaping.

Jeremy Anspach

Jeremy Anspach has been in the industry for over twenty years in several roles, from start-up owner to general manager in a multi-million dollar landscape operation. He enjoys teaching and training contractors on best practices as well as guiding them in growing and building their businesses.

Marc Methot 

For the better part of a decade, Marc’s been in the landscaping industry as a contractor and Sales Rep at Techo-Bloc. He holds NCMA and ICPI certifications and is also back for his second year as Showcase co-presenter.

Mike Day

Mike is an Account Territory Manager at Techo-Bloc, with 11 years in concrete and sales, and hardscape manufacturing. A family man who cares about protecting our environment for the next generation; he goes out of his way to use that passion to help solve technical challenges for local dealer networks, as an NCMA instructor, and through his ICPI and PICP certifications.

Andrew Kufen

Andrew is back as co-presenter this year for Contractor Showcase. He’s been in the industry for 19 years and has always revelled in the nuts and bolts of what we do. He loves diving deep into how a project is built and helping contractors succeed.