Techo-Bloc Warranty

The Techo-Bloc warranty applies to concrete landscaping and masonry products (herein referred to as ‘products’) intended for residential use and manufactured by the Techo-Bloc group (for industrial, commercial and institutional use, click on "See All Techo-Bloc Warranties" below). Therefore, the warranty is not intended for products used for institutional, commercial & industrial purposes.


Techo-bloc offers a transferable life-time warranty on its products for residential use, commencing on the date of delivery. The warranty covers the structural integrity of the products and any abnormal deterioration of its surfaces that may be caused by the use of rock salt (sodium chloride [NaCI]) for de-icing pavers, slabs or steps, with the exception of Stonedge collection products, unless otherwise stated.


In the event of product failure within the scope of this warranty, Techo-Bloc will replace the affected units only, following a site inspection and assessment of the products by Techo-Bloc or its representatives. Techo-Bloc’s responsibility is limited to the cost of the product only and not to the costs related to the installation or replacement of said products. Techo-Bloc will honor the warranty only with a proof of purchase, such as an invoice or delivery slip.