Designer's Toolbox


Part of the creative process of all projects includes a technical drawing. Techo-Bloc’s hatch patterns in AutoCAD enable the precise design and product installation of slabs and pavers.

Trimble SketchUp™️ Textures

Trimble SketchUp™️ software is accessible to everyone and facilitates the visualization of a project in a 3D environment. Various patterns can be downloaded to help combine colors and textures for each product.

SketchUp™️ files to Realtime Landscaping™️

Learn how to add SketchUp™️ files to Realtime Landscaping™️ by downloading these files.


Read how to create Hardscape Objects using the Techo-Bloc Hardscape Resource in this popular design software.

Colors and Textures

Our photo library allows you to view all colors and textures offered at Techo-Bloc in addition to facilitating the design and assembly of various products.

Mosaics guide

Discover the design possibilities using our Mosaics guide.