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Terms of Use

Terms and Condition of Sale


All payments will be pre-authorized at the time of checkout with an additional amount from the initial order to cover the fees for tax and delivery calculation triggered by the Ship to location. Any purchases will be payable immediately and charged to the Client’s credit card.

Modification and cancelation

No modification of orders will be accepted once the payment has been captured on the Client’s credit card. Any modification to the order (quantity - product - color) will be processed through a new order, resulting in a cancellation of the initial order. All order cancellation will entail a fee equivalent to 4% of the initial order.  



  1. Techo-Bloc will deliver products at a maximum of 150 miles radius from its Depots. Further delivery will be subject to individual quoting.
  2. Shipping fees are established according to the mileage of each delivery (from - to) and total weight of the order. All delivery fees include a forklift.
  3. The Client or a representative of the client must be present at the time of delivery.
  4. Products will be dropped in driveway or at curbside only.


  1. Returns will not be accepted without prior authorization. Material should not be returned until the customer receives the Return Merchandise Acknowledgement number (RMA-XXXXXX).
  2. Techo-Bloc will only credit returned pallets if matching previous invoices and orders.
  3. Final quantities of empty skids and products returned will be confirmed upon reception at the Techo-Bloc facility.
  4. Techo-Bloc reserves the right to refuse credit for any return that does not conform to the material return policy.
  5. An 80% refund (20% restocking fee) of the products’ purchased price is applicable for product returned that meet the following criteria:
    • The product has not been damaged
    • The product has been purchased from Techo-Bloc within 30 days from delivery date
  6. A full refund of the last purchase price is applicable for material returned that meet the following criteria:
    • Material returned is empty skids
    • Product has a manufacturing defect that has been approved by a Techo-Bloc sales representative
    • The product was incorrectly loaded/shipped by Techo-Bloc
    • The sales order was incorrectly entered by Techo-Bloc’s customer service
  7. Material can be returned by the customer or picked up at no charge by Techo-Bloc when delivering material to the same address.
  8. To obtain a RMA:
    • Contact Techo-Bloc’s customer service with the following information;
      • Product and quantity being returned
      • Techo-Bloc return site
      • Mode of return (customer or Techo-Bloc)
      • Desired date of return
    • A Techo-Bloc customer service representative will process the return order and issue a RMA confirmation to the customer via email.
    • The confirmation will include a return reference number (RMA-XXXXXX); this number must be provided to our scale attendant when returning the material
      • Material should not be returned until the customer receives the RMA number
      • When requesting a return with a Techo-Bloc delivery, the request should be made at the point the purchase order is placed to ensure the return is scheduled 


  1. In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price, Techo-Bloc reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order placed for that product
  2. Refer to website for Warranty policy:
  3. Any claims arising from this agreement or any ancillary agreements between the parties here to shall be filed and heard in the judicial district of Longueuil, Province of Quebec, Canada and governed by the Laws of the Province of Quebec Canada or the state of Pennsylvania, USA and governed by the Laws of the State of Pennsylvania, USA.