" We didn’t fit the mold. So we made our own. "

Our story

As early as I can remember, I was captivated by the work of my father. He was a landscaper, and I had always admired the craft. So, I spent every summer break, from the young age of 8, learning and soaking in every part of it. With just our shovels, our plate compactors and our rubber sledges, we were able to transform an ordinary property into something we were proud of.

At that time, I’d see the same brickstyle pavers everywhere I went. Every project looked so similar. No matter how creative we got, we were always limited by the materials. I realized that the ordinary properties we worked so hard to transform were still just that... ordinary. I was hungry for something different and the market was starved of choice. So, at 18, I sought to break the mold that was confining us and the rest of our industry. I became consumed with the idea of manufacturing a better paver; one with eye-catching colors and different shapes and sizes – pavers that had natural stone textures, pavers that broke the mold of the beloved brick. 

A few years later, with the help of my wife, my father and the knowledge and experience we had gained – we began paving the journey of our lives and founded Techo-Bloc. Other companies soon appeared on the scene but we had a secret ingredient. We were landscape contractors first and we knew what was worth investing in: quality you can see. 

As the years went on, I became obsessed with inventing design oriented products that would make installation challenges and engineering limitations obsolete. Our contractor friends were thanking us, we were attracting homeowner attention and the culture of the industry changed. Good enough wasn’t good enough anymore. People wanted something different. We were there, ready to deliver it on a silver platter.

We haven’t rested since. Our success has allowed our distribution network to grow to over 700 stores across the USA & Canada and our team has grown from 5 to over 600. We don’t wake up in the morning to deliver “good enough”. We work every day to impress, to surpass industry standards and to push the envelope beyond existing options for your outdoor space. 

“ We work to create products that never leave any homeowner, contractor or designer feeling “stuck” with their options. ”

Keeping true to our beginnings, every day we try to find new ways to carve new molds because we’re still not comfortable fitting into anyone else’s idea of good enough.


Charles Ciccarello
Founder & President