Landscaping Ideas By Space

No matter the outdoor space you are looking to renovate or your preferred design style, we have something to get your creative juices flowing.


Dreaming of transforming your outdoor area into a fabulous oasis? We’ll show you how to add elements to up your backyard game and create a show stopping-space that shouts "come on over" from every level. From custom dining spaces and nature-inspired poolsides to catwalk-worthy walkways and everything in between, you will find no shortage of ideas to create your own breathtaking outdoor space.


Techo-Bloc 2021 design by space backyards

Industria 300 Series paver in Beige Cream 

Raffinato wall & cap in Beige Cream

Techo-Bloc 2021 design by space backyards

Blu Grande Smooth slab in Greyed Nickel 

Raffinato cap in Greyed Nickel


Nothing screams summer like jumping into a refreshing, picture-perfect pool on a hot day. Whether you’re looking to create the ultimate entertainment space for your neighborhood pool parties, or you’d rather relax serenely in a sophisticated dipping pool perfectly tailored to your small space, you will certainly find inspiration with our something-for-everyone collection of poolside ideas. 


Techo-Bloc 2021 design ideas by space poolsides

Travertina Raw slab in Ivory 

Bali Travertina Raw cap in Ivory

Techo-Bloc 2021 design by space poolsides

Raffinato cap in Greyed Nickel


Set the stage for the ultimate summer gatherings right in the comfort of your own backyard. Whether you dream of eating al fresco with your loved ones on the perfect patio or relaxing in your own retreat-like oasis, you’ll love our outdoor patio ideas. 


Techo-Bloc 2021 design ideas by space patios

Para slab in Greyed Nickel and Onyx Black

Techo-Bloc 2021 design ideas by space patios

Blu Grande Smooth slab in Greyed Nickel 

Borealis slab in Smoked Pine

Front yards & Driveways

Looking for driveway designs to up your curb appeal? You’ve come to the right place! From uniquely shaped pavers to larger-than-life stones, making a big impression at ground level is inevitable. Whether it’s a sleek and modern surface or a slate texture you’re seeking, our driveways feature products hand-crafted to create perfect harmony with your home’s architecture. 


Techo-Bloc 2021 design ideas by space 3 front yards driveways

Victorien paver in Onyx Black 

Raffinato wall and cap in Greyed Nickel and Onyx Black

Techo-Bloc 2021 design ideas by space front yards driveway

Blu 80 Smooth paver in Shale Grey 

Outdoor kitchens

Ready to get things cooking in the great outdoors but not sure where to start? Why not treat your inner grill master to a custom and fully functional outdoor kitchen? With the possibility to add features such as a pizza oven, side-burners and storage, gone are the days of running back and forth from your barbecue to your indoor kitchen while also hosting your annual neighborhood get-together. So, what are you waiting for? Whet your appetite with our curated collection of open-air, outdoor swoon-worthy ideas!


Techo-Bloc 2022 design ideas by space outdoor kitchens

Graphix Wall in Beige Cream

Hexa Slab in Beige Cream 


Brandon wall in Shale Grey 

Blu 60 Slate slab in Shale Grey 

Blu 6x13 Smooth slab in Onyx Black


Though they're often nestled along the side of a home, don’t overlook the potential of a stunning walkway. Whether winding, long and linear, or bold checkerboard style, walkways create a smooth transition between exterior spaces. Lay down large slabs for a grandiose effect or strategically place outdoor lighting along your path for a final dreamy touch – the design possibilities are endless! 


Techo-Bloc 2021 design ideas by space walkways

Ocean Grande slab in Beige Cream

Techo-Bloc 2021 design ideas by space walkways

Blu Grande slab in Shale Grey

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