Poolside Landscaping Ideas

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Make a splash this summer!


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Turn your backyard pool into a family friendly zone this summer. The kids may be clamoring for cannon balls and splashing in the shallow end, but you don’t need to compromise comfort and style. Keep sightlines unobstructed so you always have a clear view of the pool. Using large, permeable pavers like Mista are a great choice when covering large areas when you want a wide clearance from the pools edge and still want space to lounge.

  • pavers Mista pavés A00420 05 376
  • Mista Square Paver Champlain Grey
Multi-textured, multi-size paver for driveways and patios (permeable paver option)

Sleek + subtle


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There’s something sublime about keeping it simple. Large poolside pavers set the stage for your own version of a dreamy contemporary oasis. Décor connoisseurs take note: uncluttered, neutral-colored floor coverings give you carte blanche to incorporate and change up your own outdoor accessories and furnishings as often as you like.

  • patio paver slabs Industria Smooth Slabs dalle de patio 01072 05 456
  • Industria 600 Smooth Greyed Nickel
Patio Slabs
Industria Smooth
Multi-piece patio stones with a smooth texture for modern landscape designs for residential and comm ercial use. ... See More Read Less

  • modern wall caps and pool coping Raffinato Cap couronnement et contour de piscine moderne01037 05 103
  • Raffinato Cap 14x28 Greyed Nickel
Pool Coping & Wall Caps
Raffinato Smooth
Modern concrete wall cap & pool coping available in 2 heights.

Summer escape


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You long for sandy beaches and salty, ocean sunsets. Vibrant colours and textures inspire you. Spice things up and turn your backyard into the stuff of dreams – exotic-inspired décor, rich colors, bold flora. Eye-catching Inca pavers are the perfect backdrop for your great escape.

  • patio paver slabs Inca dalle de patio A00378 5690
  • Inca Slab HD2 Riviera
Patio Slabs
Large limestone inspired patio stones/outdoor tiles great around pool decks, walkways and patios.

  • pool coping Portofino couronnement de piscine 01010 01 0066
  • Portofino Onyx Black
Pool Coping & Wall Caps
Natural stone look concrete wall cap, step tread and pool coping.

Dipping pool


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Want a pool but have no space? When your dreams of an in-ground pool outsize your space, a compact dipping pool is as refreshing as a cool drink. Add a water feature for soothing sounds that offer a noise-cancelling effect for urban retreats.

  • patio paver slabs Aberdeen dalle de patio 29 S 07 v2
  • Aberdeen Azzuro
Patio Slabs
Featuring our latest Klean-Bloc technology for protection against everyday wear and tear, the luxuri ous Aberdeen patio slab will look great for decades to come. ... See More Read Less

Live luxuriously


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Crafting a custom mosaic walkway is a brilliant way to create a warm welcome. Hand-placed, Old World cobblestones turn this standard path into a show-stopping and unique space. The permeable, pebbled stones highlight the one-of-a-kind mosaic design, making this focal point as eco-friendly as it is stunning.

  • patio paver slabs Travertina Raw HD² dalle de patio 00997 01 2387
  • Travertina Raw Slab HD2 Ivory
Patio Slabs
Travertina Raw
If you love the look of natural travertine but need something more robust, the Travertina Raw wall c ap is for you. Modern and durable, this double-sided concrete wall cap will elevate any landscape design. This coping/cap also boasts our Klean-Bloc technology for added protection against everyday wear and tear. ... See More Read Less

  • pavers Antika pavés A00400 01 1118 Blend
  • Antika Sandlewood
A best-seller, Antika is a round-shaped cobblestone paver for driveway and patio use (permeable capa bilities). ... See More Read Less