Technical Documentation


Contractor's #1 tool! In it, you'll find installation guides, product specifications, laying patterns, compatibility charts, and much more.

Installation Guides

The installation guide provides the correct steps to follow during the first phase of installation. In conjunction with the technical drawings, that illustrate each step in detail, these documents will facilitate the assembly required for each type of structure.

Typical Section

Technical drawings demonstrate the steps to follow during the assembly of different products.

Preliminary Design Assistance

A set of documents (charts, forms, and drawings) containing the specifications of various products and the information required to take into consideration when designing a project.

Master Specification

Technical information pertaining to the installation of permeable pavers as well as various installation options to achieve optimal infiltration.

Solar Reflectance Index

Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) is a composite measure that combines surface’s solar reflectance and emittance.

Permeable Pavement Technical Infos

Everything you need to know about Permeable Pavements.

Material Safety Data

Material safety data sheets provide warnings and safety measures related to the composition of Techo-Bloc products. These documents contain data relating to the chemical composition and precautions to take while handling products.