Walkway Landscaping Ideas

Design Elements
Color Palet

Checkmate with Checkerboard

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Looking to create visual interest in a large area? Walkways that are wider and quite expansive are great terrain for checkerboard pattern layouts. They add visual interest while keeping lines running straight and clean. The Aberdeen 30x30 is great for this with its slate texture that hints to natural stone while keeping color consistencies quite steady.

Connect your contemporary outdoor spaces

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Tie together different outdoor spaces in a clean, uncluttered fashion. Using super long, linear paving stones like the Industria 600x100 paver is an ideal choice to unite your ultra-modern driveway to your backyard and other outdoor areas.

Winding walkways

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Short on space but not on style? If your pathway isn’t very wide or doesn’t follow a traditional cookie cutter shape, opt for a smaller product like the Antika for less cuts (Pro tip: less labor equals less $$$) and to create curves in tight spaces. Cobblestones are the perfect choice to create a quaint, imperfect, natural feel.

Better-than-wood walkway

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Tired of people trampling through your lawn? Create a meandering stepping stone walkway in unpaved areas. Wood’s good but slab is fab! Borealis stepping stones have all the beauty and charm of wood, in durable, warp-free stone.  

Make a strong statement

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Crafting a custom mosaic walkway is a brilliant way to create a warm welcome. Hand-placed, Old World cobblestones turn this standard path into a show-stopping and unique space. The permeable, pebbled stones highlight the one-of-a-kind mosaic design, making this focal point as eco-friendly as it is stunning.