Walkway Landscaping Ideas

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Light the way

We’ve tallied the results and the verdict is in: Landscape designers are in love with the Industria Triangle! With its unique shape, three textures and five alluring colors, this paver opens the door to endless design possibilities. Create a showstopping walkway by mixing and matching textures and colors to create out-of-the-box patterns or mosaics and finalize your design with outdoor lighting placed strategically on a nearby wall to match.

Featured products:

  • Industria Triangle Granitex Paver
Industria Triangle Granitex
Triangle-shaped paver with a rough slip-resistant texture for modern public works and residential de signs. ... See More Read Less
  • Industria Triangle Smooth Paver
Industria Triangle Smooth
Triangle-shaped paver with a smooth texture for modern landscape designs for residential and public use. ... See More Read Less

Connect your contemporary outdoor spaces

Tie together different outdoor spaces in a clean, uncluttered fashion. Lay down the line at your home’s entrance with our uniquely shaped Diamond paver paired with a decorative banding made of a highly slip-resistant stone such as our long and linear Industria. You’ll find that the contrasting colors are an ideal way to unite different areas of your outdoor space and lead the way straight to ‘welcome’ in true modern fashion.

Featured products:

Diamond Smooth
Diamond-shaped paving stone with HD² smooth texture for modern public or residential landscape desig n. ... See More Read Less
  • pavers Industria Granitex Paver pavés 12
Industria Granitex
Multi-piece interlocking paver with a rough slip-resistant texture for modern public works & residen tial designs. ... See More Read Less



Winding walkways

Short on space but not on style? If your pathway isn’t very wide or doesn’t follow a traditional cookie cutter shape, try laying down large straight-lined slabs in a curved silhouette for a unique statement-making walkway. Our Blu Grande slab works perfectly as a stand-alone stone for this type of design, and can be enhanced with pea gravel, boulders and greenery. Best of all, you’ll avoid the need for cuts, which will save you in labor costs!

Featured products:

  • patio paver slabs Blu Grande Smooth dalle de patio 00993 01 1681
  • Blu Grande Slab Smooth Greyed Nickel
Patio Slabs
Blu Grande Smooth
Large concrete patio stone in a smooth texture for modern landscape designs.

Better-than-wood walkway

Tired of people trampling through your lawn but don’t want to destroy the natural beauty of your landscape design? Why not set the path for your guests with a wooden boardwalk-inspired walkway? Wood’s good but slab is fab and Borealis is here to give you the best of both worlds. Designed to look and feel like wood planks, our Borealis slab is made of concrete for extra durability. That means that you’ll get to enjoy all the beauty and charm of wood in a durable warp-free stone.

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  • retaining wall blocks Borealis Wall muret A00412 05 003
  • Borealis Wall Smoked Pine
Garden & Retaining Walls
Build timber-like garden walls with our large Borealis retaining wall blocks. Unlike real wood, thes e will never warp or rot and require little maintenance. ... See More Read Less



Make a strong statement

Crafting a custom mosaic walkway is a brilliant way to create a warm welcome. And why not take it up a notch by laying down high contrast diamond-shaped pavers to turn your standard path into a show-stopping and unique space? This timeless design will fit beautifully in any traditional landscape design and will surely become the focal point of your outdoor space.

Featured products:

Diamond Smooth
Diamond-shaped paving stone with HD² smooth texture for modern public or residential landscape desig n. ... See More Read Less

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  • Antika Sandlewood
A best-seller, Antika is a round-shaped cobblestone paver for driveway and patio use (permeable capa bilities). ... See More Read Less
  • Everest Slab
Patio Slabs
We’ve created a game changing slab that will have you convinced it’s real stone. Everest is the perf ect slab for contemporary design lovers. Boasting our HD2+ technology, this slab benefits from a factory seal for added stain resistance, vibrant color and a reduced absorption rate. ... See More Read Less
  • outdoor steps and stairs Rocka Step marches extérieurs A00425 05 290
Stone Steps
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Lean and linear looks for ever-lasting urban designs.