Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Design Elements
Color Palet

Clean & classic

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A traditional look can be kept clean and uncluttered by making wise and consistent material selections. The Travertina landscape stone collection solves this design challenge by including everything you need to build your outdoor space. Patio slabs, wall blocks and caps are all available in the Travertina’s lightly nuanced color pallet and subtle travertine texture letting you add bench seating, pillars, and a classic fire pit to your patio for loads of summertime entertaining.

From the ground up

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Dreaming of transforming that outdoor area into a lovely, livable oasis? A clever expansion and thoughtful infrastructure upgrades your backyard fantasy into a show-stopping space that shouts “come on over” from every level. Pool to patio has never looked more inviting than with a two-level expansion that’s entertainment-ready from top to bottom. Poolside, permeable pavement stones are an easy-care replacement for grass that also eliminates water accumulation.

Small, cool space

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Want a pool but have no space? When your dreams of an in-ground pool outsize your space, a compact dipping pool is as refreshing as a cool drink. Add a water feature for soothing sounds that offer a noise-cancelling effect for urban retreats. With a thoughtful design layout, you’ll still have room to incorporate a show-stopping fire pit to warm up by, après-swim.

Outdoor living, front and centre

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Create a space where your backyard steals the show! Don’t let a large outdoor area scare you. Think big; create multi-level pavilions to chop up the space into entertainment sections, with something to suit everyone. A large borealis faux-wood fire pit makes a statement and creates a warm space to cozy up. Add plenty of seating areas for sleepy summer lounging or catching up on your favorite beach read. Stone edges and walls help distinguish different, unique spaces.

A traditional look that transcends time

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Outdoor living doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort or style. Push the boundaries of a traditional landscape with a natural color palette that will transcend time. Incorporate a stone fire pit, plush oversized seating and tranquil water features to mimic the grandeur of a riverside resort. Final step? Define your space with intimacy walls to create a space you’ll want to linger over from sunup to sunset.