Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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Clean & Classic

Add a touch of luxury to your backyard design with our Travertina Raw collection. Inspired by natural travertine stone, this collection of landscape products is made of concrete for extra durability. And with a product portfolio ranging from pavers, slabs, walls and caps, the traditional look you’re going for is sure to be kept clean and uncluttered. Travertina’s lightly nuanced color pallet, subtle travertine texture and wide product selection will allow you to create custom bench seating, pillars, and even a classic fire pit for loads of summertime entertaining!

Featured products:

  • retaining wall blocks Travertina Wall muret01062 05 205 HDR
  • Travertina Raw Wall Ivory
Garden & Retaining Walls
Travertina Raw
Luxurious travertine wall blocks can build anything from retaining walls, to seat benches, bars & ou tdoor kitchens. ... See More Read Less

From the ground up

Dreaming of transforming that outdoor area into a lovely, livable oasis? A clever expansion and thoughtful infrastructure upgrade your backyard fantasy into a show-stopping space that shouts “come on over” from every level. Not only will adding levels bring dimension to your design, but it will also allow you to create focus around your favorite features! Your patio will have never looked more inviting than with a two-level expansion that’s lounge-ready from top to bottom. And while you’re at it, lay down some permeable pavers for an easy-care walkway that also eliminates water accumulation.

Featured products:

  • patio paver slabs Blu Grande Smooth dalle de patio 00993 01 1681
  • Blu Grande Slab Smooth Greyed Nickel
Patio Slabs
Blu Grande Smooth
Large concrete patio stone in a smooth texture for modern landscape designs.



Small, cool space

Want a pool but have no space? When your dreams of an in-ground pool outsize your space, a compact dipping pool is as refreshing as a cool drink. Add a water feature such as a waterfall or fountain using our breathtakingly beautiful retaining walls for soothing sounds that offer a noise-cancelling effect for urban retreats. With a thoughtful design layout, you’ll still have room to throw in some retreat-worthy patio furniture and plush greenery for an afternoon lounge, après-swim.

Featured products:

  • patio paver slabs Para HD² Smooth dalle de patio 01078 2233
  • Para Slab HD2 Smooth Greyed Nickel
Patio Slabs
Para is an extra-large modern concrete patio slabs with a hyper smooth texture for contemporary land scape designs. ... See More Read Less


A traditional look that transcends time

When it comes to outdoor living, there is no need to compromise on comfort and style. Push the boundaries of a traditional landscape design with a natural color palette and subtle texture that will transcend time – Our Everest patio slab will offer you just that! Lay down this natural stone lookalike poolside and incorporate plush oversized seating and a fireplace to mimic the grandeur of a riverside resort. Final step? Sit back, relax and enjoy the serene view!

Featured products:

  • Everest Slab
Patio Slabs
We’ve created a game changing slab that will have you convinced it’s real stone. Everest is the perf ect slab for contemporary design lovers. Boasting our HD2+ technology, this slab benefits from a factory seal for added stain resistance, vibrant color and a reduced absorption rate. ... See More Read Less

Find More Backyards Products

  • patio paver slabs Aberdeen dalle de patio 29 S 07 v2
  • Aberdeen Azzuro
Patio Slabs
Featuring our latest Klean-Bloc technology for protection against everyday wear and tear, the luxuri ous Aberdeen patio slab will look great for decades to come. ... See More Read Less
  • patio paver slabs Borealis dalle de patio 079994 11 010
  • Borealis Slab HD2 Hazelnut Brandy
Patio Slabs
A wood imitation patio slab with our Klean-Bloc technology for protection against everyday wear and tear, our Borealis slabs look and feel like wood but require no maintenance. ... See More Read Less
Diamond Granitex
Diamond-shape concrete paver with a rough slip-resistant texture for modern driveway, patio or walkw ay designs. ... See More Read Less