Outdoor Kitchen Landscaping Ideas

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Chef's Special

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You’ll never have too many chefs in the kitchen when you design an expansive and fully functional outdoor kitchen area. Kitchen connoisseurs take note: your dreams of being the life of the (patio) party can be realized with a multi-functional food prep area that doubles as a buffet space where guests can mingle and munch. An open-air grill island and stone bar with lots of seating make this a perfect place to gather and the built-in stainless-steel drawers make outdoor storage a cinch.

Outdoor kitchen that doubles as a bar

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Dreaming of an outdoor kitchen? Brandon wall blocks let you design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams with built-in outdoor kitchen appliances (did anyone say pizza oven?) and ample counter space that doubles as a bar or casual drinks/eating space to keep your guests close while you fire up the grill. Build other outdoor entertainement features like a firepit or fireplace with the same Brandon stone wall to keep the party going well after the main course.

Creating a perfect kitchen

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Ready to get things cooking in the great outdoors but not sure where to start? When planning the placement of your outdoor kitchen, make sure it’s close to the patio door entrance. It will minimize the distance and travel time from indoor kitchen to the outdoor grill, allowing you to spend more time with your guests.

Slice of heaven

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Outdoor ovens fire a passion for a fresh-baked and slightly smoky perfect slice. Adding a modern pizza oven to your open-air kitchen is the ultimate way to add sizzle to your summer. A wood-burning oven lets you to turn up the heat and reach higher temperatures for the perfect pizza!  Picture yourself pulling a piece - bubbling and crisp -  straight from the oven; it is positively addictive and the perfect way to entertain outdoors.

Open-air Kitchen

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Almost as well-equipped as its indoor counterpart, there’s no reason to cut back on style or function when dreaming up your open-air kitchen design. This stylish setup proves you really can have both beauty and brawn. The faux-wood Borealis wall feature, river rocks, and Travertina slabs warm up the stainless steel appliances and creates the ultimate modern-rustic cottage vibe.