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The problem? This home set in the Pennsylvania countryside lacked curb appeal. Its gravel entrance had an unfinished feel to it. With no focal point anchoring it, it wasn’t a welcoming walkway.

The solution? Using a mixture of textures and patterns to add warmth while maintaining a fresh, contemporary edge. One of the home’s focal points were the wood columns that framed the entryway. The chevron-patterned, wood-like Borealis outdoor slabs were chosen to adorn the main walkway and coordinate with the home’s rustic wooden features. Antika cobblestones shook things up by adding a new shape and texture to the mix while hinting to the home’s slate-like shingles. Then, the Borealis garden wall became an easy choice to set the stage for plantings and flora while keeping things consistent with the main walkway. The result is a charming country-feel landscape that perfectly matches the warmth of the family home it highlights.

Borealis (slab)


Hazelnut Brandy & Smoked Pine