How Techo-Bloc Delivered Custom Designs in Trying Times

In an effort to improve the overall experience of travelers headed to and from Martha’s Vineyard, the Steamship Authority is currently undergoing a major reconstruction project. This includes the addition of two new piers for pedestrian launches, both of which need a unique hardscaping design that is both attractive to tourists and resistant to the harsh northern climate.

When Jeff Hartwell and his crew at United Stone and Site Inc. began working on the project, they didn’t anticipate the challenges they would face. But we’re proud to say that Techo-Bloc went above and beyond to offer a custom solution and exceptional support.


Unexpected Alternative

Early in the Wood’s Hole project, the landscape architect had a specific vision to capture the waves of the ocean in the hardscaping design on the pier. The plan was to use a creative irregular mix of hexagonal-shaped pavers in various shades of blue to achieve the desired effect.

Hartwell made several dead-end calls searching for a company willing to create the color scheme they were looking for in hexagonal pavers. But every company he called was not willing or unable to offer this custom service, especially under such short notice and with a tight budget. The deadline was fast approaching, and Hartwell was having no luck.



Custom Design Done On Time

Then, Hartwell called Techo-Bloc.

Techo-Bloc became instantly invested in the success and vision of this project and knew their Hexa 100 Paver was the perfect fit for the design. Techo-Bloc pavers are rated for heavy pedestrian traffic, resistant to de-icing salts, able to withstand harsh climates and come with a transferable lifetime warranty.

And, Techo-Bloc had the capability to customize the blocks’ colors to exactly what the Landscape Architect asked for while still meeting the restrictive specs, budget and timeline required.

The shades of blue were Catlona blue, Voyage blue and Clear blue, and Techo-Bloc makes the process easy. The architect simply provided the Pantone colors he wanted to match, and then Techo-Bloc was able to create variations of that color. Once the samples were created, they were presented to the architect and Hartwell for review. They were able to pick the perfect shades for their project’s vision.



Unique Solutions for Unique Times

Techo-Bloc continued to demonstrate superior customer service when the COVID-19 pandemic introduced a whole new level of uncertainty. Sudden restrictions came with the threat of border closures between the US-based project and Techo-Bloc’s Canadian factory.

Hartwell was concerned the product would be unable to get to the site, and he would have to start the paver search all over with an even tighter deadline. But Techo-Bloc and the team worked to ensure the delivery was successful, despite the restrictive challenges.

Raising Quality Standards

Not only was the product delivered right on time, but it also exceeded quality expectations.

Hartwell has worked on several projects where slight inconsistencies in the pavers throw the entire grid out of proportion. And with a rushed project that spanned over 12,000 sq ft, he expected his team to have to deal with these unfortunate variables.

But Techo-Bloc’s dedication to their product value and their multiple quality control checkpoints meant every paver was exact and consistent. The Hexa Pavers were installed smoothly and fit together perfectly without any additional cutting or altering.



Standout Service

Techo-Bloc’s outstanding service model came through again when Hartwell called his Sales Representative with some unfortunate news.

Before the hardscaping could be properly sealed, local sea birds had made a mess on the new pier and the crew had to wash the surface before applying the recommended sealing solution. The washing combined with some rainstorms had left some efflorescence.

Their Sales Representative and his assistant got on a plane right away with some cleaning solution and joined the crew in scrubbing the pavers quickly in preparation for sealing.

Turning Clients Into Advocates

The Landscape Architect and General Contractor were overjoyed at the outcome. Techo-Bloc was able to deliver their custom vision within a budget and limited timeline, all while navigating the early uncertainties of an unexpected pandemic.

Hartwell will be returning to the site in Spring 2021 to continue working on the other pier, and he is excited to see how the pavers have held up against the first tourist season. He typically receives a barrage of phone calls when a product fails or there’s an issue, but he has not received one issue of concern.

Hartwell had not worked with Techo-Bloc before this pier project but has since specified them in several bids. He looks forward to working with his rep and the entire Techo-Bloc team on future hardscaping projects.



Techo-Bloc’s passion and dedication to helping clients achieve their dream design mean they deliver under the most intense pressure — even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Need a custom solution for your next hardscaping project? Reach out to one of Techo-Bloc’s outstanding sales representatives for full-size samples and more information on how they can transform your vision. 
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