Get 1% of your Techo-Bloc purchases back

At Techo-Bloc, we believe in investing in our partners. We are taking building relationships to the next level with our contractors by launching our 1% Cash Back program.

It’s simple; you will receive a Cash Back coupon valued at 1% of your annual purchases to spend on your favorite Techo-Bloc products!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity, inform your dealer of your eligibility and request that they submit your numbers to us by reaching out to their Techo-Bloc sales representatives.

*Please note that the coupons will be provided to you at the beginning of 2023, once all the 2022 purchases have been compiled. Only Techo-Bloc products purchased are authorized in this program. Your local dealer will provide us with your purchase report at the end of the season.

*Contractors with a total annual purchase amount of $20,000+ (across all the dealers they buy from) will receive a Cash Back coupon. Calculation of Cash Back starts at your 1st dollar (starting at $1). No minimum purchase transaction (all transactions will be included, no matter how small).