The only paver that checks all the boxes


This patented process makes HD2 products 1.5 times stronger than the industry standard* of 8000 psi (ASTM C936). It’s loaded with the hardest aggregates. That means no crumbling.

Patent-Pending HD2 technology

The manufacturing process fuses two concrete recipes -finer grains at the surface and coarse grains at the base- to create the optimal paving stone.


HD2 is jam-packed with higher particles per square inch for the smoothest smooth and the most eye-catching of textures.


Rich and natural color blends stand the test of time against UV rays, acid rain and extreme temperatures.


HD2 is like anti-aging for paving stones. It's lower absorption rate means your paving stones won't degrade because a stone that retains less water is less vulnerable to the elements. Freeze-thaw and acid rain is no match for HD2.