Keep it clean with Klean-Bloc technology

When life throws a spill your way, simply wipe it off and carry on with your day thanks to our Klean-Bloc technology.


Beauty and character, without the maintenance

Klean-Bloc technology offers your pavers and slabs an advanced protective barrier against everyday wear and tear, allowing you to simply wipe life's spills away. Enjoy the beauty and character of natural materials like travertine and wood grain, without the worry or maintenance.

Scratch Protection

Outdoor surfaces are meant to be used, not worn down. Klean-Bloc’s unique characteristics help prevent scratches and scuffs that are all too common with other materials like natural stone. It’s protective barrier will keep your exterior’s appearance looking flawless.

Stain Resistance

Spills and stains don’t stand a chance. Our scientifically formulated protection prevents liquids from penetrating below the surface, preserving looks for the long haul. From food and drink to dirt and grease, outdoor entertaining is risk-free.



Lasting Color

Gone are the days of too much sun. While exposure to UV rays may cause discoloration in natural stone or wood grain, Klean-Bloc technology will keep your stones looking vibrant and colorful for years to come.

Need more information?

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Featured Products with Klean-Bloc Technology

  • patio paver slabs Aberdeen dalle de patio 29 S 07 v2
  • Aberdeen Azzuro
Patio Slabs
Featuring our latest Klean-Bloc technology for protection against everyday wear and tear, the luxuri ous Aberdeen patio slab will look great for decades to come. ... See More Read Less
  • patio paver slabs Borealis dalle de patio 079994 11 010
  • Borealis Slab HD2 Hazelnut Brandy
Patio Slabs
A wood imitation patio slab with our Klean-Bloc technology for protection against everyday wear and tear, our Borealis slabs look and feel like wood but require no maintenance. ... See More Read Less
  • pavers Travertina Paver pavés DSC3864
  • Travertina Raw Paver HD2 Ivory
Travertina Raw
Brick-style paver with a travertine texture also available in permeable