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2024 Landscape Trends

Quiet Luxury Hits the Landscape Design World!

Step into the realm of landscape design, where quiet luxury defines the pulse of the era. Luxury is translated through the language of high-end materials, sumptuous textures that beckon touch, and a palette of warm, creamy tones that whisper sophistication. Let’s dive into the trends together! 

Embracing the current design trend of warm earthy tones, cream tones take center stage this year. Inspired by the ‘’latte dressing’’ fashion statement, the corresponding ‘’latte decorating’’ trend is gaining traction. In alignment with this aesthetic shift, 
Techo-Bloc presents its new Caffè Crema Color. 
This versatile hue warms up contemporary landscapes from the cold greys we’ve seen for years.

Warm Earth Tones

 An aerial view of a patio with plants and flowers.

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A patio featuring the Caffe Crema slab outside a sliding door.
A contemporary patio featuring Caffe Crema slabs and Borealis benches.
Patio featuring a pool and seating area.

We predict a change in design trends from strong contrasting colors to a more subtle and calming approach. Applying this approach to landscaping means using similar hues and mixing textures and shapes to create visual interest. A unified aesthetic, like using one color but changing up the texture, lets the landscape balance the design elements with the surrounding natural ones without being too flashy. Our Industria collection seamlessly aligns with this trend, providing an extensive array or colors and textures to choose from.

Tone-on-Tone Colors with Mixed Motifs

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A patio featuring grey sandstone patio slabs, a firepit and couches.

Experience quiet luxury with Techo-Bloc's new Natural Stone Collection. Featuring Sandstone slabs, steps, and caps in large dimensions and subtle colors, it embodies luxurious materials with a contemporary twist.
For a flawless finish, choose HD2 textured pavers and slabs - the velvet of pavers, ideal for high-end modern landscapes.

Luxurious Materials and Textures 

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Walkway outside of a house featuring natural stone steps.
Natural Stone patio with steps leading to a grass lawn.
Outdoor patio dining area featuring natural stone slabs in grey.

Classics endure in 2024 with favorites like checkerboard patterns, European cobblestones, and timeless red brick. Techo-Bloc's Everest slabs feature an updated checkerboard pattern with vibrant grass inserts. European-inspired designs return with Valet and Squadra pavers, while the classic red brick lookalike shines in options like the Westmount paver in Merlot or the contemporary Mika paver in Onyx Black with a glossy Klean-Bloc finish.

Classic Revival 

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Homeowners are capitalizing on their smaller outdoor spaces by maximizing every inch without compromising on style. The key with this trend is to use different colored and sized pavers and slabs to define distinct areas in your backyard, effectively segmenting the exterior space and creating the illusion of expansiveness. In the featured image, the use of our Para slab in two different colors defines a separate seating area, introducing a design element without visual clutter.

Multi-Function Compact Spaces

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Aerial view of a backyard complete with a dining area, firepit and walkway.
A backyard featuring a dining area with a view of the firepit seating area and the dining area in the background.
Driveway with permeable pavers installed in a light grey.
Walkways with stairs installed throughout garden beds in a backyard.

Green Choices for Grand Designs 

Embrace Greentecture, a major trend merging sustainability and aesthetics for responsible living. Choose permeable driveway pavers like Aquastorm to reduce runoff and pollutants while adding a touch of greenery. Another trend transforms "dead spaces" like slopes or outdoor stairways into multi-level edible gardens for a multi-use and eco-conscious approach. Utilize patio slabs like Industria Flora with textured floral patterns amid ground cover plants to enhance greenery and increase your property's permeable surface.

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This year, the resurgence of bold, candy-style stripes in interior design finds a captivating parallel in the realm of landscape design with the emergence of the linear-line up trend. Both worlds share a timeless appreciation for stripes, seen indoors in full-dip striped rooms and outdoors with Diamond Pavers for tone-on-tone stripes or Sleek Pavers interwoven with large green grass stripes.

Linear Line-Up 

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Aerial view of an intricate circular pattern created by using dark grey pavers.
Aerial view of a linear pattern made with dark grey pavers leading up to the entrance of a pool.

Creative Curves 

After years of very angular design decision, we’re now seeing an emergence of circles and curves. These subtle arcs and contours not only elevate aesthetics but also beckon movement, creating a dynamic and organic atmosphere.
Our Squadra Paver has become a popular choice among homeowners and designers seeking to craft distinctive and attention-grabbing shapes in outdoor spaces. This paver’s small size and color selection makes it ideal for these types of designs.

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Discover the landscape products that will help you step outside the ordinary while designing the outdoor space of your dreams! From pavers to slabs and retaining walls to wall caps, we have the products you need to dress up every inch of your exterior! 

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Discover Our Catalog

Landscape Trends

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